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Annette Bette Kellow

One of our very first guest burlesque dancer, Annette Bette Kellow aka. Annette Betty has released a wonderful new books. Find out more about her journey and The Roses Grow Wild.

Annette Bette Kellow New Book

We first met Annette Bette Kellow or Annette Betty at our burlesque auditions in March 2011. She was one of the first burlesque dancers we interviewed for our cheeky little blog (yes, this thing). By June 2011, she joined the Burlexe show and was even seen in our very own burlesque show trailer.

Now, we’ve talked to our old friend to get all the juicy deets on her new book and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

Give us the Annette Bette story so far in a nutshell. I have been performing for about four years professionally, acting and I attended the Ela Thier academy in New York for writing. oh and I used to live on a farm in Devon.

What is your finest moment? I would probably say making money out of doing what you love however silly that sounds!

What is the book about? The book is a story of four girls who come to London to make it in their chosen careers, fashion, writing and acting. They all mess it up and end up living racy extreme lives then end up having a mental breakdown.

some people have compared it to the London version of HBO’s Girls. Their intentions are good, they have no money but they still seem to get in deep s**t.

What is the inspiration behind it? Ooh probably my drama school days. Not quite sure what I lived on then, air maybe and bad relationships. My friends and I have had some crazy relationships. I’ve always picked nutjobs but you live and learn.

What do you hope to achieve with the book? Not much! I just wrote it backstage, on set and in coffee shops. I was looking through some of my old diaries from when I was 19 so I chucked in a bit of that.

I’m very inspired by the book It Was Gonna Be Like Paris, by Emily Listfield, of the art scene in New York in the 80s. Another struggling to survive era.

Does this mean you’re leaving the world of burlesque to become a writer? Burlesque provides me with great material so would love to keep going. In the dressing room is the best bit of the shows!

Many burlesque dancers pretend they like each other but I think secretly they don’t and there’s little cliques. I think that is an interesting story in itself hehe….

What is your connection to the Burlexe show? Burlexe has always been a friendly, wonderful place and a grande diva show! I performed at one of the first ones and I loved the eclectic mix of actors and dancers. Truly unique and it has staying power!

How do you rate burlesque dancers in the world of books? Who’s done good? I think Dita [Von Teese] did good with her book and Liz Goldwyn’s burlesque book is framed on my walls, lovely photos! I think it’s important to have a sense of identity and there will only be one Dita so I think its about mixing it up a bit.

What’s next for Annette Bette both in burlesque and books? I am working on a second book but I’m rehearsing for a new play at Hammersmith Lyric, about the Kings Road in the seventies and getting ready for performing in the Christmas festivities. Can’t wait for the fake snow!!

You can now pick up The Roses Grow Wild and check out our list of Ten Must-Have Burlesque Books.

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Annette Bette Kellow

(Main image from Annette Bettè Kellow)

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