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Annette Betty

Burlesque dancer, Annette Betty, is also known as the model, actress and writer, Annette Bettè Kellow and she has been nice enough to share her ‘Because of burlesque…’ story.

Annette Betty

Award-winning burlesque performer, Annette Betty, got the accolade as ‘Best UK’ at the London Burlesque Festival and Miss Galapagos New York. Her showgirl burlesque costumes and cheesecake burlesque expressions, we’re endeared and delighted by her burlesque dancing.

She said, because of burlesque… “I have been lucky enough to be able to travel the world performing, taught the stars on Dancing on Ice, appeared in commercials and films in burlesque roles and was the first female to perform burlesque in India in a Bollywood film!”

Annette Betty has now gone onto perform on the Burlexe stage in June 2011 and she was fabulous. Enjoy a glimpse of her burlesque dancing and wonderful burlesque costumes in her showreel:

See more on her website and check out Millie Dollar Burlesque Advice.

Burlexe is a sensational London burlesque show inspired by the women who created the genre and perform the art. It fuses burlesque performance with storytelling, dancing with acting.

Burlexe is the ‘Vagina Monologues’ of Burlesque: a brand new theatrical show based on the stories of the incredible women who’ve created burlesque, old and new. It fuses performance with storytelling, dancing with acting.

It’s about strong, powerful, amazing women. And it’s like nothing you’ve seen before…

We love to showcase UK burlesque performers and share the stories of these wonderful women who perform burlesque. Annette Betty is one such woman.

To see more, join us for the Burlexe show by booking your ticket.

Annette Betty

(Image from Pin Up Lifestyle)

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