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Aurora Galore

London burlesque dancer, Aurora Galore is known for her amazing dance skills including fire twirling. Let us introduce you to one of our fave burlesque performers.

Aurora Galore Burlesque Gifs

Aurora Galore

Burlesque dancer, Aurora Galore first joined us for A Taste of Burlexe in late 2011. She soon rejoined the cast of our London burlesque show. In February 2012 she burlesque danced along with Burlexe faves Bettsie Bon Bon and Luna Rosa. We’ve been bosom buddies ever since.

We envied the attendees at Aurora Galore’s workshops with the Burlique Boutique. We nodded sycophantically with her ama-zing list of Alternative Burly Icons. Now, in 2013 she has taken her firecracker self off on a world tour.

Finally the world can enjoy Aurora Galore shaking her hiney in their faces. You know you’d love it.

London Burlesque Dancer

Aurora Galore road tripped to LA with Sukki Singapora before they whisked off to Tokyo. She performed in San Francisco. They then partied with Calamity Chang and Fancy Chance in New York. Phew! We’re well jelly!

Since she has been back, Aurora Galore has done even more. She performed with Shhh! Burlesque with Beatrix Von Bourbon and Violet Blaze. Plus, as part of the Save Rubyyy Jones Revue: Island Getaway with our very own poster girl.

Aurora Galore is one hard working woman and she works with some of our favourite women. We doff our caps to you lady!

See the debut of her Black and Gold burlesque act for the Erotic Awards Semi Finals at Bush Hall:

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(Image from Aurora Galore)

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