The Best of New Years Eve Burlesque 2014

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New Years Eve Burlesque

We’re sharing the best New Years Eve burlesque videos to get you in the party mood. Whether you’re having a burlesque party or snuggling up from the cold, burlesque dancing is the perfect way to end the year on a high.

The Best of New Years Eve Burlesque

There have been a lot of news stories about burlesque dancing in 2014. It has been the year of the burlesque boom and we’re loving it.

Now you can see off the year with the best New Years Eve burlesque videos to go out in a hail of glitter. Forget the resolutions lets burlesque dance.

The Burly Girls

Last year saw this tempting video from Sanguine Shee and their New Years Eve Cabaret Burlesque 2013 at Fiesta Havana. The evening promised jazz and demure delights.

Dee Dee, Alea Taen and The Burly Girls were set to burlesque dance alongside Samantha Victoria Johnson and Craig Williamson on the saxophone. They led audiences obediently into the New Year with a pull of their feather boas.

What a way to warm up our list. You could almost imagine beginning the year with your dignity in tact.

Kitten von Mew

British burlesque dancer, Kitten von Mew classes up this list with her New Years Eve burlesque dancing from 2007. Yup, so long ago it’s in black and white.

Performing at Peekaboo Burlesque she worked her 1940s burlesque style with a classic oh-so slow strip. Are we blushing?

Discotheque Burlesque

Last New Years Eve also saw a host of burlesque beauties take to the spotlight at Boston’s The Beehive. The live jazz venue was certainly a hot spot of talent.

New York burlesque dancers Calamity Chang “The Asian Sexsation” and Stormy Leather “The Naked Girl of Burlesque” were amongst the line-up. Whilst, Philadelphia burlesque performer “The Criminally Cute” Lil Steph completed the set. Yowzer!

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Pretty Penny

Want more drama? Then look no further than a fan dance performed to ‘Roxanne’ (the Moulin Rouge version, obviously).

Canadian burlesque dancer, Pretty Penny said goodbye to 2013 with this steamy and sensational burlesque dance at the Chicago Freakeasy. Ooh la la.

Cirque du Cabaret

London cabaret and burlesque night, The Tassel Club’s Cirque du Cabaret took to Hoxton Hall for New Years Eve 2011 for a boozy, bawdy evening.

If the petal picking performance doesn’t inspire you then the vintage adorned audience will.

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Erika Moon

Miami burly beauty, Erika Moon said farewell to 2013 at Stache’s Old Hollywood New Years Eve Ball. She begins her performance as Marilyn Monroe and quickly a sing-a-long ensues.

Then she transforms into herself and performs a striptease to an enamoured partying crowd. Gotta love the love.

Dance South Florida

Now cool off with some amazing acrobatics and hair tossing galore. For New Years Eve 2013 Dance South Florida partnered up with Coalition Talent to create this beautiful burlesque show.

Performed at the Ritz Carlton in South Beach, Miami is the ultimate inspo to get fit in 2015. Phew!

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Funky New Year on the Pier

Boats, burlesque beauties and a dramatic montage? It’s the Funky New Year on the Pier 2010.

Held at the Ocean Key Resort, Key West there’s chorus girls, Martini glasses and some obligatory Isis wings. What better way to party on a pier?

If you’re looking for outlandish celebration ideas then this is the one for you. Plus, plenty of eye candy.

Coco and The Vanity Vixens

Leaving you in a haze of pink, we’re taking you into the future with what you can expect on New Years Eve 2014. Coco and The Vanity Vixens are a New York burlesque show with a very LA style.

Using the Burlesque movie soundtrack they score their on-stage antics that are more about dancing in their undies than revealing them. These lovely ladies, however, are sure to get you in the mood to move.

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(Main image from Narcity)

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