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Bettina May

Canadian pin up and burlesque dancer, Bettina May is the first of her kind. Let us introduce you to this groundbreaking burlesque performer.

Bettina May Burlesque Pin Up Gifs

We first introduced you to Bettina May in April 2013. If you missed it this retro pin up star was the first burlesque dancer to be granted an ‘extraordinary ability’ green card to the U.S. for burlesque dancing.

To be awarded this new green card she proved that she’s at the top of her field. Applicants include athletes, artists, scientists, educators and entrepreneurs. They must show proof of media coverage, awards and a salary to match, according to The Daily Mail.

The tough competition means that a third of applicants were rejected. Yet Canadian burlesque performer, Bettina May, beat the odds.

She offered a sizeable dossier to prove burlesque was not only an art form but that she was unlike any other burlesque performer. She celebrated making burlesque history with a U.S. tour in 2013. Bravo!

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Bettina May Bettina May

Bettina May is also known as a pin up model, burlesque photographer and teacher. She even has an array of DVDs offering brilliant how-tos. This includes helpful guides on burlesque hair and pin-up poses.

Moreover, she’s often seen alongside fellow international burlesque performers. She’s seen (above) with the amazing Banbury Cross, LouLou D’vil and Ms. Redd. You can watch their cheeky slumber party antics, titled Trouble At El Cortez.

Although, a fan favourite is Bettina May’s tributes to Tempest Storm and Bettie Page alongside LouLou D’vil. Watch another of our favourite burlesque duos in this risqué homage:

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(Burlesque gifs from K969)

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