Bettsie Bon Bon Burlesque Gifs

Bettsie Bon Bon

British burlesque dancer, Bettsie Bon Bon is a must-know feature of the London burlesque dancing scene. Let us introduce you to this wonderful woman and Burlexe bestie.

Bettsie Bon Bon Burlesque Gifs

London burlesque dancer, Bettsie Bon Bon, began her career almost a eight years ago as an original Hurly Burly Girly. Alongside Miss Polly Rae, she travelled the world as an international burlesque performer.

She then teamed up with Liberty Sweet as founders of The Folly Mixtures burlesque troupe. Not to mention her many solo burlesque performances.

Bettsie Bon Bon is also well-known for teaching burlesque lessons at the London Academy of Burlesque. We cannot praise her skills and talents enough, wink.

See Burlesque Dance with Jo King and Bettsie Bon Bon.

Bettsie Bon Bon Bettsie Bon Bon

Bettsie Bon Bon first appeared in our London burlesque show in June 2011. She then wowed audiences at the Elton John AIDS Foundation fundraiser when she rejoined our line-up.

We were accompanied by Bettsie Bon Bon’s British showgirl style again in February 2012. She even wrote one of our most celebrated articles: Guide to Showgirl Burlesque.

Needless to say, we’re fans and we advise you to hunt down tickets to see this lovely lady stat. Until then you can read her Anyone for High Tease? article.

Then, watch Bettsie Bon Bon burlesque dancing at the Wam Bam Club with her ‘The Seductress’ routine.

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(Burlesque gifs from K969)

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