Betty D’Light and the World Burlesque Games 2012

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Betty D'Light

We talk to London burlesque dancer, Betty D’Light about her role in the World Burlesque Games and what audiences can look forward to from the burlesque shows.

World Burlesque Games 2012

Burlesque fans in the UK! The Olympics may be on their way but first, London has a very special event of its own in the shape of the World Burlesque Games.

Produced by Chaz Royal, the 6th Annual London Burlesque Festival is this year transformed into the World Burlesque Games 2012. There will be crowns and tiaras to be won from May 7-13th.

“The London audience is a mix of regular cabaret enthusiasts and curious newcomers, who appreciate the finest in burlesque performers as well as sheer glamour and tastefully risqué entertainment.

“We help develop the most talented new and established performers, right through from the avant garde to erotic, sexy circus artists, exposing them to an international stage and the acclaim of diverse audiences.

“It’s the biggest and best burlesque event in terms of performers and spectators ever to be brought to England’s great capital city.

“London Burlesque Week is full of colour, panache and excitement and is simply the greatest showcase of international burlesque talent on Earth.” – Chaz Royal.

Betty D’Light and the World Burlesque Games 2012

We caught up with Betty D’light, Assistant Festival Co-ordinator for a few moments in the run up to the World Burlesque Games to talk shop.

The World Burlesque Games brings artists from all over the UK and beyond. Who or what are you most excited to see and why? It’s so difficult to say who I am most looking forward to seeing as each and every performer in the event really is the cream of the burlesque crop!

There are around 100 performers taking part and each one has been selected from over 400 applicants. The World Burlesque Games prides itself on selecting a wide range of acts to suit each and every taste so there really is something for everyone.

The shows I’m most excited about are the Male Crown and the Triple Crown as these shows tend to be more variety based and continue to push the boundaries of the genre.

The Games have developed out of London Burlesque Week. What led to the change and how do you think it will make this week different to the past festivals? Chaz Royal has been looking to produce a competitive burlesque event for a long time and the World Burlesque Games has been in development for many years.

Burlesque in Europe, and in the UK especially, is an ever-growing market and has experienced a boom in recent years. There is so much great work being done by performers here; it’s time there was an event that honoured these achievements.

Burlesque is such a multi-faceted form of entertainment now and there is no other event of this kind, which recognises performers in so many different categories.

We wanted to produce an event that not only honoured the multiple styles of burlesque out there but also highlighted to the public that burlesque isn’t just about feathers and frilly knickers.

We have eight competing categories including the Male Crown, The Twisted Crown and the Triple Crown, which honours performers who incorporate aspects of variety into their performance. We really wanted to show off burlesque and give these alternative performers a chance to shine and be recognised alongside their more traditional peers.

The festival is a major event in the burlesque calendar so there is always a buzz around it but this year it feels like there is even more anticipation! Both the public and the performers themselves realise that this is the start of something great.

Every year people are anxious to come to the events and see who has been selected out of the hundreds of applicants but this year there is another level of excitement. One performer in each show will be crowned for their category and win not only a title but also thousands in cash and sponsorship prizes.

People are already speculating who the winners will be! I’m expecting this year to be the best London Burlesque Festival to date.

Thanks Betty! Watch Betty D’light burlesque dancing at the London Burlesque Festival:

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Betty D'Light

(Main image from Rod Penn)

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