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Burlesque Accessory

Check out one of the fabulous burlesque accessories ideas from our theatrical London burlesque show, Burlexe. Our guest burlesque dancer, Fancy Chance, seems to enjoy it.

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Burlesque dancer, Fancy Chance has been with us since our very first burlesque night. She joined our London burlesque show, exercising her acting talents with burlesque monologues.

She became a familiar face on our stage. Fancy Chance was seen burlesque dancing with us in a few of our 2011 spring run shows including the 15th and 29th June. She went onto join us again for our one-off Autumn extravaganza on 30th November.

In 2013 Fancy Chance once again joined our ranks as a guest burlesque performer. We even have a burlesque gif of her shimmying in our show.

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We love Fancy Chance’s style and she knows how to work a burlesque accessory. The problem is choosing just one. Fancy Chance is seen (above) in our rehearsals and we’re starting from the top.

Whether you’re taking the stage like Fancy Chance, want to be a beach beauty or to keep warm in winter, a turban is one stylish and theatrical statement. Luckily, our shiny new boutique offers a lovely black beach turban hat, if we do say so ourselves. What’s your headwear of choice?

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(Main image from David Bowman)

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