Burlesque Clothing Inspired by Joan from Mad Men

Joan Harris Mad Men

Her surname may have changed a few times but we cannot get enough of Joan from Mad Men and her vintage glamour. Learn how to get the look with our top tips to take you from the office to the cocktail bar to the burlesque show.

Burlesque Clothing Inspired by Joan from Mad Men

We cannot wait for season seven of Mad Men to start in April. To quench our longing we’ve been indulging in the box set and the series’ fashion.

We all have a favourite and of course our’s is Joan from Mad Men. The character played by buxom beauty Christina Hendricks showed us all the benefits of a little wiggle in your walk.

The vintage glamour of Joan from Mad Men is the perfect style to take you from corporate to cocktails. We’re here to help you get the look before the show returns and every other gal has a form flattering strut.

Joan From Mad Men

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Mad Men Costume Designer

The Mad Men costume designer, Janie Bryant, told The Sunday Telegraph some of the tricks behind the scenes. She said, “The actresses are banned from working out so that their bodies do not appear too muscular.”

Well that’s just another reason to feel less guilty about those long forgotten New Years resolutions and broken dry January promises. Our advice: put down the dumbells and get yourself to a burlesque class ladies.

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Shape-up with Shapewear

Janie Bryant also added, “The female characters wear “shapewear” including girdles and longline bras — a cross between a bra and a corset — to push their bodies into hourglass shapes.

“When the antique and reproduction bras and garters start causing the actresses too much pain, assistants provide them with pads of moleskin to cushion their skin.”

We’re lovers of vintage style lingerie like Bordello Boutique. Yet, it’s advised that you wear any corset or shapewear before wearing it for an entire day. This will help your body become accustomed to the fit and the shapewear to fit to your body.

Playful Promises do a great range of suspenders and garter dresses. Whilst Esty Lingerie have some wonderful corsets to get to grips with.

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Figure Flattering 60s Fashion

For that 60s style and Joan from Mad Men inspiration, think vivid colours and form-hugging clothing. You can drop into any vintage shop, like Scarlet Rage Vintage, and hunt for that perfect dress.

Alternatively, you can hunt online and we’ve already done some of the work for you. MaisyBrownReproRetro offers high waist skirts for a wide range of sizes and promise that added wiggle.

Those thrifty ladies out there can even upcycle and make their own pencil skirt. Pair these with a blouse for that vintage take or a lace top to bring it into the modern era.

There’s also lots of imitation items out there. You can rock the naughty nautical look or turn heads in a teal dress. Otherwise, if black is more your colour, hide those bumps with the perfect vintage LBD.

Either way, finish this look with some sexy kitten heels, rouge lips and long lashes. Then you can rule the world by just walking down the corridor.

Now all we have to do is be patient and tune in. Easier said than done.

Joan From Mad Men

(Image from Giphy)

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(Main image from Telegraph)

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