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Burlesque Costume Ideas

Check out one of the fabulous burlesque costume ideas from the Burlexe Boutique. This luxury teasewear from Holloway Smith Noir is one size fits all and we have some ideas of how they’d look great on you.

Burlesque Costume Ideas for Women

London luxury teasewear brand, Holloway Smith Noir, has worked alongside Miss Polly Rae, Lady Alex, The Wam Bam Club, Miss Betsy Rose, Jo Foley, Cabaret Rouge and of course Burlexe.

We first became aware of Holloway Smith Noir when we heard about their environmentally conscious upcycling. Their beautiful creations are what made us friends. We like pretty things.

Catch up on Holloway Smith Noir joining the Burlexe Boutique.

These classic black deco nipple pasties are made with organic silk, backed with upcycled leather upholstery and topped with Swarovski crystals. We love to wear our hearts on our nipples.

While the black vintage lace eye mask is handmade from chantilly lace. The black eye mask is created from silk satin binding and silk ribbon ties. Nothing says mystery and allure like black lace.

If you’re lucky enough to have fiery hair (below) you can team these lovely items with a matching black merkin and statement headwear reminiscent of an Edgar Allan Poe poem. Otherwise you can continue the classic look with seamed stockings so that when you strip down, you’re matching. Just like your mama taught you.

Our Top Five Novelty Nipple Pasties and Tassels.

This pair create a beautifully intriguing duo. They’re perfect for showing a little less to imply a little more on stage. These nipple pasties and eye mask are also a naughty but nice addition to any boudoir wardrobe.

A perfect first pair of nipple pasties and eye mask to arouse …curiosity. Wear with sexy undercrackers and jewellery, beneath a night dress or with nothing much at all.

Burlesque Costume Ideas

See one of the costumes from the Burlexe show with our lead actress, Chloe Ewart.

Burlexe is a sensational London burlesque show inspired by the women who created the genre and perform the art. It fuses burlesque performance with storytelling, dancing with acting.

Holloway Smith Noir have been friends of Burlexe since our fledgling days. Their burlesque costume ideas are a constant inspiration and we hope to collaborate with them more in the future.

Join us for the Burlexe show by booking your ticket.

Burlesque Costume Ideas

(Images by Mark Sherratt)

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