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Show your support for striving burlesque documentary Getting Naked: A Burlesque Story. Watch their cheeky must-see burlesque videos and get an insight into the upcoming release.

Burlesque Documentary Getting Naked: A Burlesque Story

At the end of 2014 we were talking about upcoming burlesque documentary, Getting Naked: A Burlesque Story. It takes an in-depth look at New York burlesque and we couldn’t wait to see it.

Now they’re in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to raise the final funds. We want to see the final result and hope they get the support they need.

The array of talent ranges from coy coquettes to the dazzling and daring darlings of burlesque. The line-up already includes Perle Noire, Gal Friday, Julie Atlas Muz and Hazel Honeysuckle. Alongside burlesque legends and up-and-coming burlesque performers.

The film directed by James Lester is already being teased in short and sweet videos that leave you wanting more. Each snippet conveys the variety of characters in the burlesque world and even those performing in the same city. Here’s the best burlesque videos to whet your whistle.

Burlesque Hall of Fame

The first burlesque video takes us back to June 2014 and the annual Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender. This is actually in Las Vegas but the new documentary films burlesque dancers on their yearly pilgrimage.

One of the biggest and most prestigious burlesque events in the world is seen from a different side in these clips. The Barecats Bowling shows burly girls and boys letting down their hair in their underwear.

The whimsical day out shows the tight-knit community around burlesque and how much fun it is. If only bowling was always this way.

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New York Burlesque Festival

This September saw the New York Burlesque Festival once again take to the city to mesmerise audiences with the twirl of a nipple tassel. This year, however, Getting Naked was there to capture the action and adulation.

The 2014 burlesque festival also saw legend Val Valentine perform to an enamoured audience. Have a look inside their growing archive with this burlesque video.

Gal Friday

New York burlesque dancer, Gal Friday is no newbie to the New York Burlesque Festival after winning the Most Perfect Posterior Award in 2011. The former Miss Coney Island is also set to feature in Getting Naked.

This booty shaking beauty gives us a glimpse into her world as the bad gal of burlesque. Already this video endears viewers to her personality, humour and self-expression.

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Hazel Honeysuckle

Hazel Honeysuckle, in contrast, is “The Delicate Flower” and is true to her name. She speaks about the liberation of burlesque dancing in fighting her personal social anxieties.

She says, “When I do burlesque, I can be sexy, I can be stupid, I can be gorgeous or ugly or funny – I can do anything I want when I get on stage. Now That’s magical.”

An already beautiful message, a beautiful woman and hinting at a love story to boot. We cannot wait to see more but as always, we’ll have to wait till the big reveal.

Minnie Tonka

Originally from Minnesota, Minnie Tonka is now a fully fledged and must-see New York burlesque performer. Known as the “One Woman Riot” she has won the New York Burlesque Festival Golden Pasties Award multiple times.

Minnie Tonka is also half of Jewish burlesque duo, The Schlep Sisters. She is a busy lady and now will star in Getting Naked.

Her story of marrying her religion with her striptease persuits is a fascinating tale. Watch this teaser and enjoy the insight into an unusual situation.

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Heather Holliday

Fire-eating, sword-swallowing, sideshow sweetheart, Heather Holliday is set to make an appearance in this burlesque documentary. Much to our delight!

After another summer performing at London Wonderground show, LIMBO! she returned to her native New York.

She’s seen performing at burlesque supper club, Duane Park but there’s also a different love story. Heather Holliday is interviewed with her mother, who’s her biggest supporter. See more of this heart-warming tale.

Bushwick Burlesque

New York burlesque show, Bushwick Burlesque is produced by Darlinda Just Darlinda and Scary Ben. The former, aka the “Mastermind of Bizarre Extravaganza” is also known as the other half of The Schlep Sisters.

The combined force of this pair aims to push boundaries in the burlesque dancing scene. They purvey the weird and wonderful whether it makes people uncomfortable or not. Colour us intrigued.

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(Main image from Get Naked)

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