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The fifth in our series of burlesque history short films is played by our new talent, Emma Fisher. She shares the story of modern burlesque dancer Alice.

Burlesque History – Inspired by Alice Part One

Burlexe began life as a theatrical London burlesque show and has grown into an entertainment brand and online magazine. We remain, however, in the business of sharing the herstory of showgirls. (And showboys in the form of our spin-off boylesque show, Boylexe.)

Our burlesque nights mix story, song and dance for an insight into the bawdy, beautiful world of these women. That includes burlesque monologues performed by dancers and actresses alike.

In our new series of short films we’ve fused our burlesque shows with our dazzling digital side to bring these tales to the masses. This began with the story inspired the elusive Betsy Boudoir (Dympna Messenger).

Then there was the first monologue of our show inspired by the infamous life of Gypsy Rose Lee (Gillian MacGregor). We went on to poke fun of society’s view of showgirls with Katie (Emma Fisher). Not forgetting the influential and inspiring life and times of Josephine Baker (Fancy Chance).

Now, British actress, Emma Fisher, returns to impart the possibly not-so wise words of Alice in our second satirical piece. People often assume that the backstage antics at a burlesque show are scintillating and titillating. Yet, reality can be far from the truth as Jo King and many more have taught us.

Alice’s story begins with a story from the dressing room and ends with what stage-door Johnnies are really looking for. No surprises there then.

The Burlexe Cast and Crew

Our new (and hilarious) talent is British actress Emma Fisher who is seen here playing Alice.

We’d like to say a big thank you to the lovely Neil Charlwood for his mad filming and editing skills. Alongside, our wonderful stylist, Holly Symmons, and hair and makeup magic from Sue Michael of Novel Beings.

Stay tuned for future excerpts from our burlesque shows and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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