This is How You Burlesque… Inga Ingenue

Inga Ingenue

Inga Ingenue is an award-winning Seattle burlesque performer known for her teasing moves. We could all learn a thing or two from this darling burlesque dancer…

This is How You Burlesque… Inga Ingenue

Seattle burlesque dancer, Inga Ingenue began dance classes at age three. She continued her training in French ballet, traditional and rhythmic tap, jazz and modern for 16 years.

She then went onto study and perform modern dance before joining the Seattle burlesque company in 2005. Then in 2011 she was crowned Miss Viva Las Vegas. Inga Ingenue brings her charming mix of contemporary experience and vintage tease to her burlesque dancing. Needles to say, the woman knows how to move.

Inga Ingenue

(Burlesque gif from K969)

Inga Ingenue is also an award-winning burlesque teacher. She runs burlesque classes at Miss Indigo Blue‘s Academy of Burlesque.

Moreover, she’s a feature burlesque performer in Through the Looking Glass: The Burlesque Alice in Wonderland. Likwise, Inga Ingenue stars in Burlesco Divino: Wine in Rome and DeLouRue Presents Homo for the Holidays.

In 2011 she also joined burlesque troupe The Atomic Bombshells. Not to mention being a member of super-troupe DANCE BELT. Crikey! She is one busy gal.

Watch Inga Ingenue burlesque dancing in her winning performance at Viva Las Vegas:

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(Main image from the Academy of Burlesque)

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