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This month is packed full of burlesque news and trends. Here’s our run down of the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend, burlesque tragedy and some of our favourite burlesque nights.

Burlesque News June 2013

The fabulous world of burlesque is experiencing a resurgence and we’re here to share all the wild, wacky and wonderful developments. This month sees the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend to crown the crème de la crème of current burlesque performers. As well as commemoration after a tragic car crash and more fabulous burlesque nights.

National Trust Goes Burlesque

Earlier this month we announced that The National Trust were planning to showcase burlesque dancing. The event aimed to display “perception changing” performances, according to The Telegraph.

The two-day event at Killerton House has since showcased burlesque dancers from Kitty’s Dolls Burlesque to try and draw a fresh crowd. The burlesque dancers performed alongside Lola Lamour (below), a 50s and 20s inspired singer.

The 22nd and 23rd of June saw The National Trust team up with Crikey its Vintage also had an extensive vintage fair and classic car displays, according to The Daily Mail. Though not everyone was pleased, as this letter to the Telegraph shows.

Burlesque News Burlesque News

(Image from Getty)

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The Nouvelle Burlesque Revue

The Nouvelle Burlesque Revue burlesque show performed in Dallas this month and the sultry snaps have been released. Photographer Ed Steele and the Dallas Observer shared them and we just had to pass them on!

The show starred like Austin burlesque dancers Ruby Joule and Goldie Candela and Dallas’ own La Davina and Blaze. Here’s some of our faves, what do you think?

Burlesque News Burlesque News Burlesque News Burlesque News

 (Images by Ed Steele)

Daring Desperate Housewife

Burlesque News

(Image by Rob Rich)

Sonja Morgan from The Real Desperate Housewives of New York fame has caused a stir with her burlesque dancing rendition. The controversial reality TV star stole the spotlight with her actions, as is her style apparently.

The Hampton burlesque show was held to benefit advocacy group Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth. Sonja Morgan has now announced plans to take her act to Las Vegas. Which TV personality would you like to see center stage?

See Terry Hatcher take to the pole in the original Desperate Housewives.

A Sultry Step Too Far?

Burlesque News

(Image from Topless Robot)

We love us some geek chic and in burlesque to boot. Whether it has been sexy Stormtroopers or Batman’s naughty nemesis, we have celebrated their nerdtastic appeal.

Now the Weird Al Yankovic burlesque tribute act is arriving on the LA burlesque scene and we don’t know to think. It has been heralded as one of the signs of the apocalypse. Though, it would take a feat of genius to make that sexy. What do you think? What’s the weirdest and most wonderful burlesque tributes you’ve seen?

Peaches Does Herself

Burlesque News

(Image from Time Out)

Singer and rapper, Peaches is known for expressing her sexual identity through her music. The shock-electropop star debuted a movie of her burlesque rock opera at London Sundance Film Festival last month.

She has now made a short documentary in her adopted home Berlin to celebrate the show. Watch the trailer for Peaches Does Herself (below) and enjoy the doc here.

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Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend

Burlesque News

(Image from Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend)

The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend is the biggest annual event held to raise money for the largest burlesque museum in the world. The longest running and most prestigious burlesque event took place 30th May – 2nd June. Now, the results are in.

Sandria Dore & Russell Bruner are the winners of Best Duo, 2013 Tournament of Tease!

Swing Time! are the winners of Best Group, 2013 Tournament of Tease!

Congrats to Lada Redstar, winner of Best Debut, 2013 Tournament of Tease!

Burlesque News

(Image from Heidi Bang Tidy)

Laurie Hagen gives 2013 Tournament of Tease’s Most Innovative performance!

For 2013 Tournament of Tease’s Most Classic is LouLou D’vil!

SweetPea is 2013 Tournament of Tease’s Most Dazzling!

Mr. Gorgeous is the winner of Most Comedic at 2013 Tournament of Tease!

Ray Gunn, winner of Best Boylesque, 2013 Tournament of Tease! Long live the King!

Burlesque News

(Image from MKFiasco)

Lola Frost named 2nd Runner Up, 2013 Queen of Burlesque!

Sydni Deveraux, the Golden Glamazon, named First Runner Up, 2013 Queen of Burlesque!

A huge congratulation to LouLou D’vil, Burlesque Hall of Fame 2013 Miss Exotic World, Queen of Burlesque! All hail the queen!

See the Queen interviewed on Burlesque Bitch and our LouLou D’vil Burlesque Gif.

Sparkly Devil

Burlesque News

(Image from Sparkly Devil)

The burlesque industry was rocked by the news that burlesque. dancer, Sparkly Devil was killed in a car crash. She was known as the founder of San Francisco burlesque troupe, Hubba Hubba Revue.

Her co-founder Jim Sweeney described her as, “Amazing, powerful, immensely loved and talented.”

“Our grief is immeasurable, and the shock and anguish felt by our entire national and international burlesque community is already staggering,” Sweeney added. “A terrible void has appeared where before there was a glittering, wonderful, irreplaceable friend and performer.”

Fans and burlesque dancers alike have been posting their condolences on Sparkly Devil’s Facebook page. A tribute also took place at the Burlesque Hall of Fame and is planned by the Hubba Bubba Revue, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal. She will be sorely missed.

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Burlesque News

(Main image from Helsinki Burlesque)

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