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This month is packed full of burlesque news and trends. Here’s our run down of the international burlesque festivals, best LA burlesque clubs, some of our favourite burlesque nights and controversy of May 2013.

Burlesque News May 2013

The fabulous world of burlesque is experiencing a resurgence and we’re here to share all the wild, wacky and wonderful developments. This month sees contention and drama with the London Burlesque Festival, hot mamas, UK burlesque dancers preparing for the Tournament of Tease, a newly released top LA burlesque list and burlesque performers getting political. Phew!

Imogen Kelly

Following Angelina Jolie‘s announcement this month about her double mastectomy, the reigning Queen of Burlesque, Imogen Kelly, has shared her story. Similarly to the Angelina Jolie, the burlesque performer lost her mother to cancer.

Imogen Kelly had three benign lumps removed from her breast and has now announced her decision to have a double mastectomy. After both her grandmother and mother suffered from the disease, she always planned to get the surgery. The date has now been set for July, according to Sydney Morning Herald.

It’s a brave decision for the 41-year-old woman who strips off for a living and we’re sure the burlesque industry will be behind her.

Miss Burlesque Australia

Burlesque News Burlesque News Burlesque News

(Images from Styleite)

Elsewhere in Australia burlesque news, the competition for Miss Burlesque Australia and Mr Boylesque Australia took place this month. It was fun and feathers from the dressing room, to the stage and the winners.

As fans of Australian burlesque we’re happy to announce that the winners are in. We have a new Miss Burlesque Australia from Melbourne, The Strawberry Siren. Alongside the newly crowned Mr Boylesque Australia, Prince Enigma. Congrats lovelies. See them crowned above.

The new Miss Burlesque Australia is known for her brand of showgirl circus burlesque or as she likes to call it, Cirlesque. You can also catch up on the new Miss Burlesque New Zealand.

Learn the different scenes in Burlesque vs Boylesque; Burlexe vs Boylexe.

Show-Me Burlesque Festival

Burlesque News Burlesque News Burlesque News Burlesque News Burlesque News

(Images by Crystal Rolfe)

The fourth annual Show-Me Burlesque and Vaudeville Festival took place May 2013. We couldn’t resist but share our favourite pics from the 100 performers. See more fabulous burlesque images of the event on Riverfront Times.

The Saint Louis, Missouri burlesque festival looks fantastic. Find out more about their line up on Show-Me Burlesque and read on for news on the London Burlesque Festival.

Not-So-Hidden Histories

Burlesque News

(Image from Burlesque Hall of Fame)

The Burlesque Hall of Fame has released images from their Not-So-Hidden Histories: Performers of Colour in Burlesque exhibition. They believe it’s important to share these women’s tales and say, “The stories here hold up a mirror to today’s performers of colour, and show them Legends who faced those challenges and, very often, prospered.” Here here.

To see some of the UK burlesque dancers heading to the Burlesque Hall of Fame to compete in their Tournament of Tease then keep reading.

…And see our interview with competitor Laurie Hagen.

Hot Mama Burlesque

Burlesque News Burlesque News Burlesque News

(Images from Time Out NY)

The Hot Mama Burlesque show features an all-MWLS (Mothers Who Like to Strip) line up. The New York audience was treated to performances from Little Brooklyn, the Incredible Edible Akynos, Ginger Baker, Kat Mon Dieu, Miss Ivy League, Fritzi Collins, Suga’ Bomba, Cosmic Girl, Camillicious, Dot Mitzvah, Niki Tiki and host Raven Snook.

Time Out shared their sexy slide show and these are our favourite images. We’re loving the theme of this New York burlesque show. Our peepers have well and truly been treated this month.

Be your own hot mama with Yummy Mummy Lingerie Advice.

London Burlesque Festival

Burlesque News

The seventh annual London Burlesque Festival kicked off this month. If you missed out on tickets then not to fear. Now you can get a little look from on stage to backstage as photos are being released.

There’s also been plenty of drama from before the events even began. Read on for more…

Burlesque News

(Images from Times Union)

“Inappropriate” Burlesque

Burlesque News

(Image from Burlesque Life)

The Armed Forces charity, Stubs, bought 25 burlesque show tickets for injured troops. The soldiers were not able to go after the Ministry of Defence deemed the event to be “inappropriate”, according to The Daily Mail.

Recovering Afghanistan veterans had to turn down tickets to The Crown Jewels: Best of British cabaret. The London burlesque show starred friend of Burlexe, Bettsie Bon Bon (above) and Wild Card Kitty.

The event was part of the seventh annual London Burlesque Festival. It seems the controversy for this year’s festival won’t stop (see below).

See more media controversy, In Defence of “Bad” Burlesque.

Three Burlesque Hall of Fame Contestants

Burlesque News Burlesque News Burlesque News

(Top images by Guilherme O’Conner, bottom by Aurélia Thevenin)

The end of May sees the Tournament of Tease take place in Las Vegas as part of the Burlesque Hall of Fame. Three burlesque dancers have made headlines this week before they compete.

Leicester based burlesque performer, Eliza DeLite (top), will be competing for Best Debut. She has already won Best British Female at the World Burlesque Games 2012 in London. Definitely one to watch out for.

Eliza DeLite told the Basingstoke Gazette, “I am very excited. It will be my first time in Las Vegas and my first time in America so it will be an experience.”

Both Laurie Hagen (middle) and Lada Redstar (bottom) performed at The Gilded Merkin in Nottingham this month. Curator Scarlett Daggers said, “I’m really excited about Lada Redstar and Laurie Hagen performing, they’re just chin-on-the-floor amazing. They have so much stage presence and their talent is out of this world.”

The best of luck to all you wonderful UK burlesque performers!

See Laurie Hagen as one of Goodtime Mama Jojo’s recommended acts.

Top Ten LA Burlesque Clubs

Burlesque News May 2013

(Image from Brown Paper Tickets)

LA Weekly has given its list of the best LA burlesque clubs and shows.They argue that, despite Burlesque the movie and The Pussycat Dolls, LA burlesque is the most diverse in the world.

Spoiler alert! The number one spot, Lucha VaVoom, coincides perfectly with Cinco de Mayo (5th May). The events see masked wrestlers fight and ‘Buxoficas‘ perform.

Their line-up includes America’s Got Talent contestant Michelle L’amour (pictured above). Check out the trailer for their unique show:

See more stripteasing reality TV contestants in Burlesques Got Talent?

The Asian Burlesque Spectacular

Burlesque News May 2013

(Image from Rice Burner FM)

On the other side of the pond, Calamity Chang and Sukki Singapora present, “The biggest Asian burlesque show ever,” according to Broadway World. The Asian Burlesque Spectacular took place in New York at Le Poisson Rouge on 9th May.

The pair will hit the New York burlesque scene with the best of Asian burlesque. They’ll be wowing audiences, from satirising cinema to tackling modern politics. The line-up even includes our very own guest burlesque dancer, Fancy Chance. We hope its next stop is in the UK.

Learn what’s going on in London with The Save Rubyyy Jones Revue: Asian Invasion star, Grace Fury.

Vancouver International Burlesque Festival Headliner

Burlesque News May 2013

(Image from This Is Cabaret)

From 2nd-4th May Vancouver International Burlesque Festival painted the town rouge. Headliners included Catherine D’Lish, the reigning King of Burlesque Russell Bruner, Foxy Tann the ‘Original Triple Mocha Latte’, Canada’s burlesque legend Judith Stein and the classic burlesque London-native, Shannon Doah.

Catherine D’Lish spoke to The Province about the shows saying, “I’ve heard many people say that they look forward to these gatherings because they feel like family reunions.

“Not just any old family reunion, the kind of family get together at which you’re crazy about everybody, and then you watch each other take your clothes off.”

She has also been part of the cast for Dita Von Teese’s 2013 Tour.

Vancouver headline honey, Melody Mangler, also made a video to teach The Art of Seduction in Burlesque Dancing to promote the event. Watch the trailer for the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival:


Catherine D’Lish in the UK

Burly-Q Queen, Catherine D’Lish is going to be a busy woman this month. She’s also performing on 17th May as part of the Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival which saw Missy Malone and Titsalina this week.

Though, the sultry striptease artiste has since cancelled all her commitments with the London Burlesque Festival 2013, according to This Is Cabaret. D’Lish was previously billed in the top spot and set to give a string of workshops around burlesque and as a costumier.

A very public Facebook dispute between the fiery-haired fan dancer and producer Chaz Royal ended their agreement. It even included comments like, “We’re not here to give you a boost and be shit on in the process,” added by his co-producer and fiancée, Betty D’Light. Yikes.

Now, Catherine D’Lish has organised a separate performance and workshops, says This Is Cabaret. The events will be held with Secrets In Lace, the LBF’s former sponsor. Burn.

Find out more about the newly announced show in the Hippodrome Casino’s Matcham Room on their website. Phew!

Catch up on burlesque news with Burlexe Barometer April 2013.

Burlexe is a sensational London burlesque show inspired by the women who created the genre and perform the art. It fuses burlesque performance with storytelling, dancing with acting.

We look to influential and successful women as our inspiration and these are some such women.

Join us for the Burlexe show by booking your ticket.

Burlesque News

(Main image by Caveboy Studios)

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