Violet Blaze

Sexy burlesque performer, Violet Blaze is an award winning burlesque dancer who brings sass to the stage. Let us introduce you to this bawdy beauty.

Violet Blaze Burlesque Gif

British burlesque dancer, Violet Blaze hails from Brighton and brings her brand of sass to the spotlight. That’s S.A.S.S. also known as the ‘Shimmyin’ Ass Shakin’ Siren’ and boy, is she.

Violet Blaze embraced burlesque dancing to fulfil her dream of being a fabulous showgirl. She said, “After realising I would never be a size six Vegas chorus line girl, I decided to embrace my size 16 bootay… and shake it solo!”

Trust us when we say, it’s right where this bubbly exhibitionist belongs. She’s undeniably at home in front of an audience and certainly knows how to work it.

Violet Blaze

(Image from Violet Blaze)

Violet Blaze won her first title as Burlesque Idol UK 2012 and her second at the Welsh Burlesque Festival 2013. She has since performed at the Philadelphia Burlesque Festival 2013. Alongside the World Burlesque Games 2014 where she competed for Best British Newcomer.

She’s also known for her signature act ‘Big Mama’ inspired by Queen Latifa in Chicago but since we last spoke she has a deliciously tantalising new routine. The Cadbury Queen is allll chocolate indulgence so satisfy your sweet tooth in style with this sexy burlesque act.

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(Burlesque gifs from K969)

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