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Burlesque Photography

We’re celebrating the burlesque photography of Don Spiro with ten of our favourite images from this LA photographer. Which is your favourite?

Burlesque Photography: Don Spiro

Originally from Pennsylvania, Don Spiro is now an LA based freelance cinematographer. For us its his work in burlesque photography that captured our hearts the most.

Luckily we’re not the only ones as Don Spiro was voted best burlesque photographer in the 2013 21st Century Burlesque poll. Here are ten of our top pics from this wonderful man to whet your whistle and celebrate his work.

Miss Dirty Martini

Burlesque Photography

(Image from Don Spiro)

Don Spiro’s career in cinematography and depicting burlesque dancing collided when he worked on The Velvet Hammer Burlesque Documentary. The LA shows were a driving force in neo-burlesque and launched many burlesque careers.

This candid shot is both fun and fabulous. Here you can see Dirty Martini in her element before performing a balloon dance.

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Kitten de Ville

Burlesque Photography

(Image from Don Spiro)

A featured burlesque dancer at the Velvet Hammer sold out shows was also Kitten de Ville. She’s seen here posing effortlessly backstage and we love it!

Diamondback Annie

Burlesque Photography

(Image from Diamondback Annie)

Don Spiro is also known for photographing Lucha VaVoom where masked wrestling and burlesque dancing come together. Here Diamondback Annie shows off her feisty rock and roll style. Yowza.

Julie Atlas Muz

Burlesque Photography

(Image from 21st Century Burlesque)

Don Spiro, however, doesn’t just focus on one burgeoning burlesque scene. Award-winning burlesque dancer, Julie Atlas Muz is seen here at the New York Burlesque Festival. Can you say beauty inspo?

Michelle L’amour

Burlesque Photography

(Image from Cambridge Day)

He has also photographed the likes of Michelle L’amour for her Naked Girls Reading shows. Arguably the sexiest way to celebrate literature.

Jezebel Express

Burlesque Photography

(Image from Burlesque Seattle)

Don Spiro was also in attendance to document the record breaking fan dance at Burlycon VI. Led here by Jezebel Express, it’s a moment that has gone down in burlesque dancing history. Shake it ladies!

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Angie Pontani

Burlesque Photography

(Image from 21st Century Burlesque)

Possibly the most famous annual burlesque event, however, is the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend. The weekender sees burlesque and boylesque dancers crowned with awards. The most highly coveted of which is the Miss Exotic World title.

In 2008 that acclaim went to the go-go dancing, Angie Pontani who continues to work closely with the event. And we all need a pic like this to bow down to our queens.

Lovely Goldmine

Burlesque Photography

(Image from 21st Century Burlesque)

Every year also now sees the Titans of Tease Reunion where burlesque legends take the stage. Here Lovely Goldmine looks stunning in the spotlight shaking her thang.

Jeez Loueez

Burlesque Photography

(Image from 21st Century Burlesque)

Burlesque dancing is all about performance and the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender also attracts up and coming burly beauties. Here the fierce and fabulous, Jeez Loueez is competing for Best Debut.

LouLou D’vil

Burlesque Photography

(Image from Las Vegas Performing Arts)

Yes, it is allll about burlesque in motion and this pic of LouLou D’vil is one of the best. The Burlesque Hall of Fame has crowned this sensational effeuilleuse with Best Debut, Most Dazzling and Miss Exotic World 2013. Whilst images like this remind us why. All hail!

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(Main image from Diamondback Annie)

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