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Burlesque News

This month has been packed full of burlesque news and trends. Here’s our run down, from making history to making us smile.

Burlesque News

The fabulous world of burlesque is experiencing a resurgence and we’re here to share all the wild, wacky and wonderful developments. This month sees new events, striving photographers, old pictures, crowns, exciting themes, a good dose of altruism and making history.

Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival

Catherine D’Lish is performing her only Northern show this year at the first ever Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival. The event has been organised by locals, Lady Wildflower and Heidi Bang Tidy. The Halifax Courier talked to the girls to get all the goss.

Next month, Catherine D’Lish will perform her first champagne act up north since 2010. Luckily for us, this won’t be her only date in the UK (scroll down). Get a sneak peek at her performing in this video:

A Burlesque Double Life

Burlesque News

(Image from My Boudoir)

Sukki Singapora comes from a conservative religious background. By day she worked in an office but by night she revelled in the glamour of being a burlesque dancer.

She recently earned her a nomination for the Asian Women of Achievement Awards in the UK, according to The Straits Times. The award celebrates Asian women in Britain who make positive contributions in arts, business, media, entrepreneurship and sport.

Now, Sukki Singapora has bravely taken the plunge and become a full-time burlesque performer. Hear her story of coming out as a burlesquer:

Burlesque the ‘Extraordinary Ability’

Burlesque News

(Image from Bettina May)

Miss Bettina May (pictured above) is the first burlesque dancer to be granted an ‘extraordinary ability’ green card to the U.S. To be awarded this new green card you must prove you’re at the top of your field.

Applicants include athletes, artists, scientists, educators and entrepreneurs who must show proof of media coverage, awards and a salary to match, according to The Daily Mail. The tough competition meant a third of applicants were rejected.

The Canadian burlesque performer, Bettina May, offered a sizeable dossier to prove burlesque was not only an art form but that she was unlike any other performer. She’s now celebrating making burlesque history with a U.S. tour.

You may have also seen her in How to Burlesque Pose, now catch her Classic Hollywood Glamour act:

A burlesque history lesson in Guide to Showgirl Burlesque with Bettsie Bon Bon.

Theatrical Burlesque Shows

Burlesque News

(Image from Theatre Royal Windsor)

Theatrical burlesque shows are sprouting up all over the place. First up is the sex, scandal and showbiz of Miss Nightingale: The Burlesque Musical. Starring our very own Amber Topaz in the lead role.

A journey through the glamour of 40s burlesque in wartime London. The music and lyrics of Matthew Bugg spark Maggie Brown’s story and saucy transformation into the scintillating Miss Nightingale. Coming to the West End at the Leicester Square Theatre in July 2013. Get a taste:

Next up is The Nance which arrived in Broadway this week. Nathan Lane (The Producers) stars as a gay burlesque headliner in 30s New York.

Though now we enjoy the relative freedom of boylesque, the play’s name comes from a staple vaudeville character, an effeminate homosexual male.

The Nance follows the struggles of a gay man in the era and in the industry, as it’s based on a time when there was a campaign to ban burlesque. Writer, Douglas Carter Beane has spoken of his inspiration to Slant.

Needless to say, it looks wonderful, watch the trailer video here.

We also have a theatrical burlesque extravaganza, find out about  the Burlexe show.

Miss Burlesque New Zealand

Burlesque News

(Image from Australian Burlesque Festival)

The co-producer of the New Zealand Burlesque Festival, MisRed Delicious, has been crowned Miss Burlesque New Zealand. She finally took the title after being the second runner-up in 2012.

MisRed Delicious’ winning burlesque performance was a classic bump n grind that showcased her signature skills of concealment, according to Wellington Scoop.

Last year’s winner, Willow Noir, passed on her crown and for the first time crowned Mr Burlesque New Zealand. Applause is in order all round, we think.

Read about Miss Exotic World in This is How Your Burlesque… Imogen Kelly.

Wild Things: Burlesque Beauties and the Pets They Love

Burlesque News

(Image from Tony Marsico)

The creator of the latest burlesque documentary, Satan’s Angel: Queen of the Fire Tassels, Tony Marsico has been given amazing access to the glamour of burlesque. Now he is trying to gain crowd funding on Kickstarter for his new burlesque photo book.

The photographer has taken a revealing peek at burlesque dancers in their everyday lives in Wild Things: Burlesque Beauties and the Pets They Love. The book depicts burlesque sirens and living legends as they celebrate some of the companions they hold dear.

The publication will also go towards a good cause, One Dog Rescue. Find out more from Tony Marsico:

The Dressing Room of The Moulin Rouge

Burlesque News

(Image from Reddit user DosGrandeManos)

This image was shared this month by the Huffington Post, giving a fresh insight behind the scenes of the notorious Moulin Rouge. The 1924 picture shows the Gertrude Hoffman Girls having fun in their dressing room at the venue.

The dance troupe was formed by legendary vaudeville dancer, Ziegfeld performer and choreographer, Gertrude Hoffman, who was no shrinking violet. On several occasions during her career she was arrested for her scant costumes. Bravo.

London Burlesque Festival 2013

Burlesque News

(Image from London Burlesque Festival)

Excitement is mounting for the London Burlesque Festival 2013 which will run from 10th-19th May. The seventh annual show has become the largest of its kind and in no small part to its producer and acclaimed neo-burlesque performer, Chaz Royal.

This year’s very special headline guest is Catherine D’Lish alongside the guest host, Jim Rose, founder of the Jim Rose Circus. To find out more about the performers, schedule and tickets click the poster but be aware some days have already sold out.

Burlesque News

(Image from Alarm Magazine)

Tribute to The Big Lebowski

The trend for pop culture influenced burlesque shows is still going strong and becoming even more adventurous. The notoriously themed Hotsy Totsy Burlesque are set to perform their Tribute to The Golden Girls in New York on 23rd April followed by a Tribute to Star Trek on 21st May.

Previous hits from the burlesque troupe include Mad Men, Game of Thrones and Star Wars. Though, last month saw possibly the most creative yet with The Big Lebowski. We did not see these burlesque costumes coming. Here are some of our favourite images from the burlesque show:

Burlesque News Burlesque News Burlesque News

(Images from Time Out New York)

The Burlesque Ball

This month we’re also sharing another triumphant story of burlesque raising money for charity. A student in Harlow, Lucinda Cavalier, was so touched by The Pilgrims Hospices‘ care of her grandfather before he passed away that she ran her first marathon this year. In another effort to reach her target she then organised The Burlesque Ball in the Square in Harlow.

The event was so successful that the sold out venue had to turn people away, according to the Harlow Star. The burlesque show was hosted by Sadie Sinner and pin up model, Miss C. Seven acts performed for the wildly successful evening and at last look they were only £10 off their target of £2,000. To support her cause head over to JustGiving.

Catch up on burlesque news with Burlexe Barometer March 2013.

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We look to influential and successful women as our inspiration and these are some such women. Join us for the Burlexe show by booking your ticket.

Burlesque News

(Main image by Kaylin Idora)

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