Christian Louboutin Exhibition London – Heart and Sole

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Christian Louboutin Exhibition London

The Christian Louboutin exhibition London will be celebrating his 20 years in the business. We can’t wait to see all the wonders that await us.

Christian Louboutin Exhibition London – Heart and Sole

Those red bottom shoes are some of the the most recognisable heels in the world. The delicate yet often heavily embellished footwear began production in Paris over 20 years ago. Now Christian Louboutin brings his favourites to the London Design Museum for the next 10 weeks.

The Christian Louboutin Exhibition London is name Heart and Sole. It will showcase an array of stilettos that any fashionista worth their wardrobe knows are not easy to strut in but worth every step.

Louboutin controversially announced his heels are, “Pleasure with pain.” He added, “If you can’t walk in them, don’t wear them.”

At the launch, however, he quickly backtracked stating: “I am concerned with comfort. I know that it’s important but I don’t want to have this evoked in my design.

“My work is not about comfort but in the engineering of the shoes there’s something that makes them as comfortable as possible.”

Christian Louboutin’s exhibition features Dita Von Teese as a centrepiece hologram in another coup for the American burlesque star. She morphs from a stiletto to a burlesque dancer and back again.

As one of his most loyal customers, showgirl Dita Von Teese is said to be an inspiration for the shoemaker and this, his first UK exhibition.

Christian Louboutin Exhibition London

(Image from Square Zero)

Christian Louboutin continued, “Having an exhibition about is a big première for me and it’s quite a journey.

“It is interesting to see after 20 years what you have been keeping, what you miss and what you are missing. It is about my life, and in a way it is a bit emotional to see work which is also related to a personal life.

“I never really separated my private life to my professional life. It is all integrated. All the love that I have for one it goes in the other.”

The London Design Museum will display until July 9th with a unique exploration of Louboutin’s design process. It takes visitors through every stage of the design journey.

The Louboutin exhibition reveals how a shoe is constructed. It begins with the initial drawing and first prototype through to production in the factory. The website notes the hologram contains nudity and can be avoided via a corridor entrance. You’ve been warned. Wink.

Check out The Making of Dita Von Teese’s Louboutin Video and watch our quick-fire burlesque history lesson.

(Main image from International Business Times)

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