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Lili la Scala

We’re running a sneak peek into the day to day lives of some of our favourite people from burlesque dancers to producers, journalists to directors, fashionistas to photographers!

Lili la Scala

Today, say hallo to Lili la Scala – vintage song queen, producer, wife and cat lady!

She told Burlexe, “Several weeks ago, my husband and I decided to take the next step in our relationship, we got a puppy. A woofing, shrieking and apparently insomniac bundle of joy.

“Consequently, my morning starts at 5 am when I’m woken by the howling from next door, followed by the crash of a bedside lamp as JackJack, our sphynx cat, knocks it off. His approach to life is simple; I sleep, you sleep. I wake, you wake. It’s a joy, I can tell you, especially when you work late.

“So, dragging myself out of bed and feeling uncannily like an extra in Dawn of the Dead, I wrap myself in a kimono and stumble down to the kitchen. I feed the cats and ‘Bismarck the Dachshund‘. I pop the kettle on and make a cup of tea, nothing can beat that first cuppa of the day, can it?

“I sit down to wade through my emails and reply to the ones which require immediate attention whilst compiling my to-do list. This can range from manageable to ridiculous depending entirely on what is coming up.

“At the moment, we are planning for the Edinburgh Fringe, organising a mini street-performing festival for the arrival of the Olympic torch in Southend, restoring an old hoopla tent for a festival called Village Green. I found myself painting in the garden this morning at 7am!

“My husband and I are touring our respective shows, The Boy with Tape on His Face and Songs to Make You Smile. You can understand that the list is at its zenith right now!

“After dressing, I might look at some new vintage songs or even try to file the ever increasing pile of old music. I do some singing practice – scales, arpeggios and various exercises. Then there’s time for some more emails. I confirm acts for the show in Edinburgh, answer interviews, discuss technical requirements and talk PR tactics.

“The Edinburgh show is called Another F*cking Variety ShowI’m hosting and programming so it is down to me to make sure that every act is fabulous, though I’m lucky to know some marvellous people. After the admin is done, I set my hair, pack my case, kiss my husband goodbye and head for one of my tour shows or maybe a cabaret show.

“At the venue, I chuck my face on, brush out my copper curls, sling on a fabulous dress, some killer heels and I do what I do best.

“After the show, I take off the make-up,  put the shoes away in their bags and fold up the dress. I slip back in to the car and home to my menagerie.

“I’m proud of the things that my husband and I achieve as a team. It’s not conventional, it’s hard work and tiring but I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Lili la Scala


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(Photo: Ian Treherne)

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