Dita Von Teese Crazy Horse News

Dita Von Teese Crazy Horse

The Dita Von Teese Crazy Horse collaboration is back almost a decade later. Watch Le Crazy Horse Paris video for a sneak peek and find out who attended the première.

Dita Von Teese Crazy Horse

Dita Von Teese returned to Le Crazy Horse Paris on 15th March for the first of 33 sold-out cabaret shows. Her stint will celebrate the legendary venue’s 65th anniversary.

The new Dita’s Crazy Show allows the burlesque star to have complete creative control. It features both iconic acts from the Crazy Horse repertoire as well as new and exclusive performances.

Dita Von Teese created the burlesque routine Undressed to Kill which uses body mapping and artful lighting to create and project outfits. This staging is a signature of Le Crazy Horse shows which she is making entirely her own.

This is the third Dita Von Teese Crazy Horse show, the original was for three nights in 2006 where she was the venue’s very first guest star. She performed a second time in 2009, where she gave classic acts Le Bain and Teasing her own twist. They were then named: Le Bain Noir and Tees’ing with both returning for the latest cabaret shows.

Watch the trailer for this year’s Dita Von Teese Crazy Horse collab.

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Dita’s Crazy Show

Dita Von Teese Crazy Horse

The burlesque show première was held in honour of Souffle de Violette, an endowment fund which is dedicated to supporting women with cancer. It was also quite the star-studded event.

Audience members included French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, models Andreja Pejić and Monica Bellucci, director Tim Burton and actresses Kristen Stewart and Cara Delevingne.

The latter told Vogue, “I think Dita is incredible; the show is unbelievable.” Gaultier added, “I was right up close and it was perfect, astounding, exciting, sensual.”

Crazy Horse Artistic Director

Dita Von Teese Crazy Horse

Artistic director of Dita’s Crazy Show, Ali Mahdavi also spoke to Vogue. He said, “In Paris, we consider Dita Von Teese not a burlesque star, but an artist—and she’s more Parisian than most Parisians.”

Costume designer Alexis Mabille, pictured, revealed “We spent last weekend in my studio, just the two of us, sewing sequins onto her tuxedo. I can’t think of any other star who would be cool enough to do that.” So who better to headline Le Crazy Horse anniversary?

Dita’s Crazy Show runs until the 30th March 2016 and the show may be sold out but you can catch another glimpse from the New York Post.

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(Images from Vogue)

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