Dita Von Teese News May 2013

Dita Von Teese News

Catch up on all the latest Dita Von Teese news including entrepreneurial ventures, dazzling interviews and glamorous fashion. Join us as we celeb stalk her rise to world domination.

The Latest Dita Von Teese News

In Dita Von Teese news last month we announced some of her new musical collaborations. Now, the effeuilleuse has divulged her secret stash of tracks.  According to The Daily Mail, she said, “All the music in the show, that’s my voice.”

Adding, “I’m always thinking about ways to make my brand live on after no one wants to see me in a G-string any more.” Don’t worry Dita, it won’t be any time soon.

Fox News has also provided the umpteenth interview of Dita Von Teese comparing burlesque and stripping. They’re different apparently. Thanks Fox.

She has also modelled more of the Von Follies by Dita Von Teese range.

Dita Von Teese Perfume

Beautylish caught up with Dita Von Teese to discuss her signature scent. She discusses the difference between beauty and glamour and why the latter is more inclusive. Here, here!

On the Dita Von Teese perfume she shared the faux pas that led to her signature scent. Dita then gave one of our favourite Dita Von Teese quotes, “I have also learnt that you can’t do something great without being the subject of ridicule at times.” Watch the interview:

Dita Von Teese Beauty

In other Dita Von Teese news, she has been making headlines with her Lifestyle Mirror interview. The ‘Who is Dita Von Teese?’ article has shocked everyone because it turns out Dita likes beauty products. Lots of beauty products. Gasp.

Dita Von Teese announced that she has around 300 must-have beauty products. Though she added, “For me, sex appeal is a very individual thing, it’s about finding yourself above all and mostly about having self-confidence.

“We have to find what suits us and makes us feel good. It’s all about being sexy, it’s nothing to do with what people think – on the contrary. It’s completely psychological.”

Get a preview of the Dita Von Teese Beauty Book.

Cannes Film Festival 2013

Burlesque News

(Image from Just Jared)

This month, Dita Von Teese graced the French Riviera with a stunning performance. The world renowned burly-Q queen teamed up with Cointreau for her sensational Cannes 2013 show. Her amazing, sultry burlesque costume alone was enough to turn heads. Watch Dita Von Teese’s Cannes performance:

See wonderful images from the Dita Von Teese Tour 2013.

She also wowed on the red carpet at the première of Cleopatra. She posed and pouted her way through the camera flashes in this Elie Saab couture gown.

(Image from HuffPost Style)

Dita Von Teese also opted for a floor length Alexis Mabille haute couture belted coat. The asymmetrical ensemble, complete with a train showed off the burlesque dancer’s hourglass figure. See the outfit on Perez Hilton. She then continued the rouge theme in this full length Dolce and Gabbana dress.

Dita Von Teese News

(Image from Getty Images)

The column dress, completed with a sash played with Dita Von Teese’s proportions making her look surprisingly statuesque for her petite size. She smouldered for the lenses before speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about Cannes parties and Christian Louboutin. See their interview:

Dita Von Teese Vintage Car

Dita Von Teese News

(Image from OC Weekly)

Dita Von Teese has caused a lot of excitement this month by selling her car on Ebay. After purchasing her latest vehicle the burlesque performer decided to sell her French-Blue 1939 Packard 120 sedan.

It has been kept in amazing condition and she included some seductive pics of her with the car to entice buyers. Bidding ends very soon (May 17th) and so far there are 86 bids. Surely that will ramp up as the deadline gets closer.

Dita Von Teese Photoshoot

Dita Von Teese News

(Image by Ruven Afanador)

LA burlesque dancer, Dita Von Teese, also gave an interview to Ace Hotel and spoke about her career. She said, “I have a career that spans twenty years. I spent plenty of time in the underground.

“I feel glad to have the kind of recognition I have now and to have the opportunity to take what I do to different levels and reach a broader audience, but at the same time retain the integrity of what I first set out to do — which was to become the greatest living striptease artist since Gypsy Rose Lee — and to do it my way and not have to commercialize it or sanitize it or do what other people told me I should do to make it.”

She went on to discuss her amazing Ruven Afanador photoshoot (above), body modification through corsetry and the influence of Betty Grable.

She said, “Betty Grable was the star of the big Fox Technicolour musicals, and those movies made during WWII to make people forget about their troubles — moments of pure beauty and colour and glamour.”

See more Ruven Afanador photography with Amanda Seyfried.

Dita Von Teese Burlesque Shows

Dita Von Teese News

(Image by Ali Mahdavi)

On Twitter the sizzling sexpot announced the upcoming pre-sale of her upcoming Strip Strip Horray! tour. LA and Chicago tickets went on sale today (10th May) and San Francisco go on sale this weekend (12th May). We just want to know when it’s coming to the UK!?

As Just Jared pointed out, she also tweeted about girls’ girls. Dita Von Teese is one such woman. She tours with friend and fellow burlesque dancer Catherine D’Lish.

The sultry redhead is the creative director, costumier and choreographer for some of Dita’s more daring routines. Our kind of ladies.

Catch up on with Dita Von Teese News April 2013 and watch our quick-fire answer to: what is burlesque?

(Main image from Lifestyle Mirror)

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