Dolly Lamour Burlesque Makeup

All the makeup tips and tricks we’ve shared come together in this Dolly Lamour burlesque makeup tutorial. See how she applies her burlesque stage makeup in this great video.

Dolly Lamour Burlesque Makeup

Burlesque Makeup

We first introduced you to Italian burlesque dancer, Dolly Lamour, earlier this year. We envied her burlesque costumes, celebrated her Harlem Dancer burlesque act and even wowed at her website. Now, we’re taking a leaf out of her burlesque stage makeup.

Dolly Lamour goes from bare-faced beauty to ethereal stage siren in her Wild Roses & Cherry Blossoms Make Up tutorial. This makeup video uses all the makeup wisdom we have shared with you.

Begin by mastering the basics in Burlesque Eye Makeup for Beginners and learn how to apply eyeliner and fake eyelashes. Not to mention getting those all important perfectly shaped eyebrows. You can then take your pretty and prepped peepers up a notch with Burlesque Glitter Eye Makeup.

Follow up by trying our top tips for a flawless pout in Burlesque Red Lip Makeup for Beginners. Once you’ve got the skills, make a statement with these Bold Lip Makeup Looks. You can also follow Dolly Lamour’s lead with Burlesque Glitter Lips.

Now you can use inspiration from any part of this makeup tutorial in your everyday beauty looks. Alternatively, put them together and wow the crowd. Love it.

Check out Jo King’s Burlesque Makeup Tips for every showgirl.


(Main image from Pinup Lifestyle)

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