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Grace Fury

This week we talk to Grace Fury to see what makes her tick and strip. Introducing you to the best, up and coming UK burlesque performers.

Grace Fury Burlesque

Name: Grace Fury

Signature act:The Fury‘ is a dance inspired by the Greek deities of vengeance. It begins with quite a dark and seductive dance swathed in red and feathers involving Isis wings. It then switches to an upbeat bump ‘n’ grind number which signifies the sweetness of revenge. It’s my signature performance because it’s my namesake, and I chose the name because I have a Classical History degree which involved a lot of Greek mythology. This act highlights upon my persona, being dark and slightly gothic but with a mischievous side.

How and why did you get into burlesque? I had always enjoyed watching the shows, and envied the glamour and the costumes so I thought I’d give it a bash by starting a course with Burlesque Baby. Haven’t looked back!

How long have you been burlesquing? I have been burlesquing for just over a year, where I’ve performed at many great venues such as Madame JoJo’s, Volupté Lounge‘s Cabaret Salon and London Fetish Fair. I’ve met so many fantastic people through it and have learnt how to adapt to the various different types of venues or shows out there, and to the many different audiences you can get. For example it was a bit off-putting when I had my first audience that didn’t cheer during the show, it was because it was an interval in a rock gig so they didn’t quite understand burlesque and that you had to cheer. But you get used to things like that. I have received lovely responses from shows. No bad ones yet, touch wood!

Next show: The Save Rubyyy Jones Revue: Asian Invasion on 29th March. I got involved in the Rubyyy Jones show because I love her shows and am a great admirer of her. So I contacted her through an advert she’d posted. I haven’t worked with her before, so looking forward to it. I’ll be performing alongside Fancy Chance, Bendy Girl, Alp Haydar, Miss Cairo, Lilly Snatchdragon, Oshri Con and Rubyyy Jones herself at the World’s End in Finsbury Park.

Burlesque has taught me that confidence is key. Once you have that you can pull off a great show and really enjoy yourself. I find that if you have fun with it, the audience really notices and reacts with the same feeling. Performing makes me feel great, it gives me a real adrenaline rush and each time I go on stage and gain more experience my confidence is boosted, which I believe in turn makes me perform better and makes my acts stronger and more fluid. Obviously there are still mistakes but even the major ones can be covered up if you’re confident.

Burlesque Ambition: It’s more of a hobby at the moment but I am absolutely in love with it though and I aim to do more this year. There are a few burlesque dancers out there that I totally admire and would love to be at the same level as. A girl can dream!

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Grace Fury

(Image by Chloe Bowman)

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