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Lolo Brow Burlesque

Get inside the head and erm, bra of Lolo Brow right here…

Introducing Lolo Brow…

Name: Lolo Brow

Signature act: Oh now thats a toughy! I have two that I feel I am equally known for. My Nigella Lawson routine, was my first performance as Lolo Brow and since then Nigella has been by my side. It is a naughty lip syncing act in tribute to the Queen of Food Porn herself.

My other one, is the Burlesque Shuffle, I create a list of 100 – 150 songs ranging from sexy classic burlesque tunes right through to high school musical, the playlist is set to “shuffle” and the audience can change the music whenever they want by simply shouting “CHANGE” each time it is performed it is completely different, consistently unique!

How and why did you get into burlesque? Two reasons why I got into burlesque: I am a trained dancer and performer and I am a massive exhibitionist. I wanted to enjoy an extension of that and burlesque fit like an oily soft lady glove!

I was lucky enough to be blessed with the mentorship of the Divine Mr Mistress, who supported me and taught me the skills I needed to grow as a performer in this industry. ALso the ever beautiful Laurie Hagen was a big part in my development helping me to network and learn to support myself. And since then I have found a burlesque family which have helped me grow, bloom and find my footing in the burlesque world. I can not thank them enough!

How long have you been burlesquing? I started a year ago on 13th March, funny enough! I can not believe how much has happened in a year, I am giggling like a flappy fool just thinking about it. It’s been the toughest year of my life but worth it in every filthy way!

Next Show: I was suposed to be taking a week off this week but I find myself doing lots of private show bits and bobs. But I am really looking forward to Finger In The Pie this coming Sunday, 3rd March! I am trying a new exciting act based on Princess Fiona from Shrek, it’s going to be a raunchy one… no word of a lie.

Burlesque has taught me… To forgive myself, it’s a long story but through discovering the character of Lolo Brow, I found that all the bits that I had tried to change about myself over the last few years… they were my best bits! My crass sense of humour, my inability to sit still, my weird talent for funny faces, my impulsiveness and my dark brittle heart. Yes I may get myself in to all sorts of trouble but I love it and I need those bits of me the same way a nun needs cock… (as my Mama Brow would say)

Burlesque Ambition: To be crowned FANNY OF THE YEAR! The award doesn’t exist yet but when it does I will be on it like a car bonnet! But to be honest it’s to never lose that feeling of pride in myself and my work. So that even after that messy late gig, standing in the cold waiting for that bastard nightbus, I will still smile to myself and think, ‘I Love My Job!



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