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Inspirational Women

Our latest inspirational women news roundup shares the body positivity we love seeing in the world and want to see more of. See our favourite feel-good news.

Feel-good Inspirational Women News Roundup

Burlexe is all about sharing the stories of women whether it’s the herstory of showgirls or the real women and famous inspirational women making headlines. Here’s our favourite posts on body positivity this month.

Glitter Girls

Inspirational Women

(Image from Design Boom)

This month we fell in love with The Weird Girls Project from Kitty Von-Sometime. It covers women in glitter to show variety in the female form. The short films are called #embraceyourself and make music videos to celebrate women.

Find out more on Design Boom and watch it here.

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Marvellous Modelling

Inspirational Women

(Image from Glamour)

Tess Holliday has taken the internet by storm with her hoards of followers and is now the world’s first UK size 26 supermodel. We love that this outspoken and beautiful woman is owning the spotlight.

In 2013 she started the now viral hashtag #effyourbeautystandards and she hasn’t stopped there. Although, some have questioned her choice to enter an industry that scrutinises women’s bodies.

Tess Holliday said, “Isn’t it better to have a voice within the industry that’s speaking against all that stuff, instead of nobody doing anything at all?”

She added, “Do I like what the media does? No, but I’m very outspoken about that. So, it’s a pretty simple answer.”

Read the full story on The Guardian and join her on Facebook.

No Photoshop No Problem

Inspirational Women

(Image from HelloGiggles)

This year has seen a media battle between bikini-clad normative standards of beauty and real women. We already shared our love for ModCloth and their campaign.

Now Swimsuits For All have shared their fashion line without re-touching photos. Gasp!

The swimsuit campaign stars Denise Bidot who was the first “plus-size” model to walk at New York Fashion Week last year. Now, she’s sharing her body positive message.

Denise Bidot said, “Women need to know that beauty is not only not based on a size, it’s also not based on age, or your ethnic background.”

She added, “For so long, people have believed that beauty was something you could put in a box, but we are finally breaking away from that.”

You can find out more on HelloGiggles and watch Denise doing her thang here.

Bikini Body Beautiful

Inspirational Women

(Image from YouTube)

Likewise, vlogger Loey Lane is showing how little she cares about what people think of her bikini body. She says, “Any woman, no matter her size, any man, any human being, they’re not looking for your approval or your praise of what they’re wearing.”

The “plus-size” fashion YouTuber responded to comments on her channel about bikini bodies. And she owned it.

We love that the conversation is finally changing as seen with fellow internet sensations like Jessica Kane. When the average UK size of British women is 16 and America 18, why should it be a surprise to see women of all sizes?

A new wave of unapologetic, real women are telling it how it is. It may be a rarity in the media but that doesn’t mean it should be one in life. Quite the opposite. The media should reflect people, not the other way around.

See more of this story on The Huffington Post and watch the video here.

Dita Von Teese News

Inspirational Women

(Image from Cuepoint)

LA burlesque dancer, Dita Von Teese, fuses our two passions: showgirl glamour and being an aspirational woman. This month even she chimmed in on the bikini body issue.

She said, “Forget that beach body ready stuff; find role models that you can actually aspire to look like and appreciate different types of beauty.” Here here!

That’s exactly what we love to do. You can read the full interview on Hello!.

Blaze Starr RIP

Inspirational Women

Finally we’re ending this month with a sad farewell to a wonderful woman. This month saw the loss of burlesque legend and pioneer, Blaze Starr.

The 1950s bad girl of burlesque has forever left her mark on the industry and you can read a tribute to her legacy on The Daily Beast.

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(Main image from HelloGiggles)

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