Inspirational Women News Roundup November 2015

Fell Good News

Our latest feel good news roundup shares the body positivity we love seeing in the world and want to see more of. See our favourite inspirational women.

Feel-good Inspirational Women News Roundup

Burlexe is all about sharing the stories of women whether it’s the herstory of showgirls or the body positive women and famous inspirational women making headlines. Here’s our favourite posts on body positivity this month.

Pirelli Calendar 2016

Feel Good News

(Image from Glamour Magazine)

Every year the arrival of the Pirelli Calendar makes a splash but their latest offering surprised us all. Last year saw their first plus-size model and now they’ve run with it.

Rather than the usual models they’re featuring famous feminist icons and we love it! The list of ladies include Amy Schumer (top), Serena Williams (above), Patti Smith and Tavi Gevinson.

Photographed by Annie Leibovitz the portraits see most of the women with their clothes on. Shock. See more on Glamour.

And Everything Nice

Feel Good News

(Image from i-D)

Photographer, Hannah Altman’s new series, And Everything Nice, has gone viral and for a very good reason. It shows, contrary to popular opinion, women are not made of sugar and spice.

She replaces women’s bodily fluids with glitter to show certain beauty standards as preposterous. She told i-D, “The series is about giving an unflinching analysis of the standard for female beauty.

“These are women in states of affliction; their bodily fluids (including blood and vomit) have been replaced with glitter to help the viewer visualise the pressure that girls experience to be attractive regardless of what might actually be happening.”

As much as we love fashion and beauty, we’re not down with the standards imposed on women. We’ve certainly had some sticky situations with glitter.

Fat Sex

Feel Good News

(Image from HuffPost Women)

This month The Huffington Post has been on point with articles revealing the truth about fat sex and sexuality. Including how one woman’s husband didn’t settle for a fat wife. No. He chose her.

The media often shows a normative idea of beauty and relationships. This includes, white straight and slim. We love seeing more diversity and one woman has it down.

Refinery29 shared the story of pole dancer and teacher, Roz “The Diva” Mays. She said, “Pole has been tremendous in helping me heal all the atrocities that I put upon myself.

“I spent the first 27 and a half years of my life absolutely embarrassed about how I looked, just thinking that I wasn’t as important, or I wasn’t as pretty, or that I didn’t have as much value as other women because I was bigger…

“While I still have some crazy self-esteem issues, I’m much better than what I was. Pole was absolutely the biggest catalyst that helped me start to heal.”

Marieyat SS16 Lingerie

Feel Good News

(Image from Dazed Digital)

There’s currently a movement in the fashion industry towards gender neutral clothing. There’s the Ellen DeGeneres clothing line for one.

Now, the Marieyat SS16 lingerie collection aims to take the male gaze out of the equation. Designer Marie Yat said, “We are designing for women who identify themselves outside of the mainstream characteristics of lingerie.

“One of the core ideas of the label is to combine the delicate details of lingerie and the relaxing feel of a piece of unisex underwear.” Now we know how we’ll be chilling this winter.

See our favourite feel good news from last month and see our quick-fire answer to: what is burlesque?

(Main image from Glamour Magazine)

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