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Ginger Valentine

This stunning burlesque gif of Ginger Valentine and Missy Lisa show you their skills a burlesque dancing duo. Let us introduce you to these American burlesque performers.

Ginger Valentine and Missy Lisa

Ginger Valentine

The amazing burlesque duet, Ginger Valentine and Missy Lisa are seen performing their Bumps and Grinds act. The pair are known for their sultry skills as solo burlesque dancers, as a duo and in burlesque troupes.

This classically trained pair have a combined performing experience of over 40 years.  Their burly-Q dedication makes for stunning and polished performances.

They grace the stage of the House of Blues Dallas and Houston as part of The Ruby Revue girls burlesque troupe. See the complete performance at their monthly residency:

The pair has been involved with some of the biggest names in the business. Their troupe joined Dita Von Teese as part of her Strip Strip Horray! cast when she was in Dallas. They annually attend Michelle L’amour’s Stripper’s Holiday in Chicago. They then perform in the burlesque show to raise money for the Burlesque Hall of Fame.

Both Ginger Valentine and Missy Lisa also performed solo at Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender 2013 where Missy Lisa was crowned Miss Viva Las Vegas 2013. Though she’s not the only award-winner.

Ginger Valentine was crowned the Queen of Burlesque at the 2011 New Orleans Burlesque Festival. She was also Kitty West’s protégée who taught her the coveted Oyster Girl act and was voted 12th in the top 50 burlesque dancers of 2012.

It’s hard to believe this burlesque team could get any better. Then they burlesque danced with the 2012 Queen of Burlesque from the New Orleans Burlesque Festival. See Angi B. Lovely, Ginger Valentine and Missy Lisa performing together:

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(Image from Teacher)

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