Guide to Cheesecake Burlesque with Anna Fur Laxis – Part Two

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Cheesecake Burlesque

Anna Fur Laxis, breathtaking, pulse-raising, and occasionally fatal; continued our introduction to cheesecake burlesque last week with part one.

Cheesecake Burlesque

This week, we asked burlesque dancer, Anna Fur Laxis:

Why cheesecake burlesque? I have THE MOST fun performing cheesecake! It’s something I just can’t seem to switch off. Even my more “traditional” American-inspired bump ‘n’ grind numbers have cheesecake elements and I love to include tongue-in-cheek, slightly silly aspects in everything that I do.

What about the audience? How do they react to cheesecake over full on glamour? It is a different reaction. Because I associate cheesecake with humour, in specifically cheesecake acts, my main focus is to make the audience laugh, and that’s my absolute favourite reaction.

What’s your favourite cheesecake act to perform? What elements really excite you? We’re full-circle and back to Bettie Page again because my favourite act to perform in this style is my Bettie Page tribute number! I love to perform this number partly because with cheesecake, I think it’s 99% in the face, and this number really lets me play with my facial expressions. I won’t tell you why, though you’ll have to go watch the video or come to a show to see what I mean…”

What a wonderful idea Anna! Lucky we’ve got the link right here aha! Check out Anna’s perfect portrayal below, Viva Bettie for sure!

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(Image from The Martini Lounge)

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