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Halloween Burlesque Makeup

Trying some Halloween burlesque makeup can be a daunting task but we’re here to share our makeup tips and tricks for naughty but nice burlesque makeup. Now everyone can be enchanting this Halloween.

Halloween Burlesque Makeup Tutorials

The internet has lots of makeup tutorials for every look but finding the best ones can be a big task. These are our favourite ways to create Halloween burlesque makeup in the comfort of your own home.

Fancy dress parties, never mind Halloween, seem to be becoming more and more popular. Yet, it’s difficult to find the balance between scary, sexy and Little Red Riding Hood’s wolf dressed as grandma.

A quick trick is to wow with the makeup and let the costume follow. We’re sharing our list of Halloween burlesque makeup that, hopefully, gets it just right.

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Burlesque Beginners

For those new to applying makeup, we have all the how-tos you will need. Whether you’re a burlesque dancer or a fan, mastering red lip makeup and eye makeup for beginners will help with any makeup tutorial.

Your Halloween makeup can even be inspired by traditional burlesque stage makeup, well not to fear. Italian burlesque dancer, Dolly Lamour provided a video tutorial on how she does it. Now lets get into the more razzle dazzle world of heroes and villains.

Halloween Burlesque Makeup

Cleopatra Makeup

The last Pharaoh of ancient Egypt and her image is the embodiment femininity and she has been interpreted by icons in their own right. The likes of Theda BaraElizabeth Taylor and even, Kim Kardashian have interpreted her style.

To pull off the Cleopatra look you can simply add the statement eye makeup, a maxidress, gold headband and sandals. Though, if you’re looking to go all-out we recommend following the lead of Miss Betsy Rose with Miss Betsy Rose.

Piziwoo offer a video that updates the Cleopatra look and takes it a bit more high fashion to dazzle any day of the week. For a more traditional style, Julia Graf offers this beauty how-to:

Betty Boop Makeup

Betty Boop is one of the most iconic animated characters and is one hot mama to boot. Makeup expert, Kandee Johnson has shared this amazing Betty Boop makeup tutorial. (To find out how to conceal your eyebrows, scroll down to our final video.)

You can go with the black and white style Betty Boop and spend the night using her adorable accent to sprinkle some film noir glamour and whimsy on to your Halloween.

The costume is also simple to make. All you need is to curl your short hair or get a black wig, a little black dress and stockings or garter. Voila!

Wonder Woman Makeup

If you’re looking for something young, fun and girly then Bethany Mota is here to save the day. Plus, this Wonder Woman video offers a quick simple way to DIY your own outfit. Bethany has created a Wonder Woman costume that is more modest and in the current weather, the extra fabric is needed.

She also shares a simple fuss-free makeup look which starts about six and a half minutes in, if you want to skip ahead.

Jessica Rabbit Makeup

Jessica Rabbit is another animated femme fatale that you can’t help but love. The fiery haired bad gal can’t help it, she was just drawn that way.

Burlesque dancer, Kalani Kokonuts has showed off her Jessica Rabbit side, now you can too. Promise Tamang has created this amazing makeup tutorial which you can try for yourself. Then it’s just about finding a red wig and slinky, sequined, red dress. Those are staples in everyone’s closets though, right?

Queen of Hearts Makeup

This is our second installment from the wonderful Kandee Johnson. The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland has always been a strong female figure. Then she was played by Helena Bonham Carter. Now, it’s a love thing.

This Halloween costume is perfect if you want to go all-out and OTT. Any why not? It’s Halloween! A day when fantasy comes to life, the scary, the sultry and everything in between. Have a happy Halloween and show us your Halloween burlesque makeup on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Enjoy!

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(Main from Tenor)

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