How to Choose a Burlesque Outfit with Jo King and Bettsie Bon Bon

Our burlesque guru, Jo King is joined by Bettsie Bon Bon to show us how to pick a burlesque outfit. Watch the video and try it for yourself.

Jo King Burlesque Legend

Jo King is the founder of the London Academy of Burlesque. She has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. In the past 12 years alone, more than 10,000 women have attended the London Academy of Burlesque. Wow!

Goodtime Mama Jojo has taught and choreographed over 30 percent of Europe’s  professional cabaret and burlesque performers. They include some of our favourite ladies such as Audacity ChutzpahLiberty SweetMiss Polly RaeExotic Luna RosaKiki Kaboom and Immodesty Blaize.

Moreover Jo King has supported Burlexe since our first burlesque show. She has burlesque dancing on our stage and we have a burlesque monologue dedicated to our favourite burlesque legend.

Bettsie Bon Bon

Whereas burlesque dancer, Bettsie Bon Bon first appeared in our show in June 2011. She joined us again for the Elton John AIDS Foundation fundraiser and returned once again in February 2012. She then kindly wrote one of our most popular articles: Guide to Showgirl Burlesque.

She’s an original Hurly Burly Girly and co-founder of the Folly Mixtures. Bettsie Bon Bon is also one of the teachers at Jo King’s London Academy of Burlesque. Not to mention being one of their fabulous alumni. Needles to say, these ladies are more than qualified to show us how to choose a burlesque costume.

Learn How to Choose a Burlesque Corset with Bettsie Bon Bon.

How to Choose a Burlesque Outfit

In this burlesque video, Jo King shows an easy way to create a burlesque outfit. Bettsie Bon Bon models the burlesque clothing and looks simply stunning.

Goodtime Mama Jojo then takes us through the different things you need to consider when picking burlesque clothing. It’s important to consider the colour, what era you are going for and even what nationality.

The colour of burlesque outfits can change your image from raunchy to demure. It helps to know what colour suits you and what you want to convey.

The era and nationality of the burlesque outfit can effect style, length and how OTT it is. American burlesque outfits tend to be in the style of Las Vegas showgirls so it’s rhinestones and feathers at dawn and so forth.

It’s also good to keep in mind whether this is a burlesque costume to be easily removed. If you plan to wear your burlesque outfit on stage, you need to practice your routine with the burlesque costume on before before taking it off in the spotlight.

Like any outfit: know your shape and think accessories. Wink! Let us know your advice on Facebook and Twitter.

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