Inspirational Women News Roundup August 2015

Inspirational Women

Our latest inspirational women news roundup shares the body positivity we love seeing in the world and want to see more of. See our favourite feel-good news.

Feel-good Inspirational Women News Roundup

Burlexe is all about sharing the stories of women whether it’s the herstory of showgirls or the body positive women and famous inspirational women making headlines. Here’s our favourite posts on body positivity this month.

Natural Hair Inspo

Inspirational Women

(Image from Nicki Minaj)

We love sharing beauty inspiration and this month we couldn’t get enough of Buzzfeed‘s post showing 15 celebrities and their natural hair. It’s not easy to go natural and these women do it wonderfully.

If like our girl, Kele Le Roc, you have natural hair bragging rights then this post can give you that little push to keep going.

Beauty At Every Age

Inspirational Women

(Image from Melissa)

We have found our new favourite beauty vlogger and she’s a grandma! We’re firm believers that age is just a number and we love that Melissa is representin’.

Mother of two and grandma to seven, Melissa is a Tennessee-based blogger who is getting a whole lotta love online. Women of all ages can now enjoy more fashion and beauty inspiration from a woman who knows her stuff.

Ageless Burlesque

Inspirational Women

(Image from Tempest Storm)

This month the British burlesque scene saw legend Tempest Storm in Blackpool! An amazing woman we love to see on our side of the Atlantic.

The league of burlesque legends aren’t the only wise woman on the scene either. October will see Save Rubyyy Jones Presents: Electric Eldersss hit the capital.

We cannot wait for this newly announced show starring all over 50 performers with multi-disciplinary talents. More of this please!

Burlesque Breasts

Inspirational Women

(Image from Burlesque Fashion)

An excerpt from new book Bare Reality: 100 Women, Their Breasts, Their Stories has been released this month. It shared one burlesque dancers story.

She discusses body image, modern burlesque, the male gaze and relationships. It’s an interesting take on women’s relationship to their breasts. Not that we’re biased by a burlesque twist.

She says, “Burlesque is not empowering in itself. You should be empowered and then you do burlesque. It is a literally and metaphorically exposing.” Read more on The Huffington Post.


Inspirational Women

(Image from Wear Your Voice)

The #FreeTheNipple campaign has been making waves online for a while as women argue that their bodies shouldn’t be needlessly censored. The battle lines have been drawn with Instagram forming the front line. RiRi anyone?

This month also saw the release of 13 beautiful images that aim to #liberateALLnipples. The campaign from Wear Your Voice Magazine aims to add some much-needed diversity to the cause.

In America 35 states continue to have laws against breastfeeding in public and their National Topless Day (23 August) offered the perfect opportunity to fight back. Here here!

Watch the first part of our short film about burlesque dancing over 50.

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