Goodtime Mama Jojo Returns in February

Goodtime Mama Jojo

The founder of the London Academy of Burlesque, Goodtime Mama Jojo is returning to the UK and our burlesque show. We had some questions for her.

Goodtime Mama Jojo Returns in February

Our burlesque show guru, Goodtime Mama Jojo is currently travelling abroad – no, it’s nothing we said! Luckily for us this wonderful woman is returning to the UK and us next month.

Goodtime Mama Jojo has been busy delivering personal development seminars and teaching new movement therapy workshops. Undoubtedly this has all been done in her own inimitable style. She returns to us on 22nd February to star in our burlesque show (among other things!).

We just couldn’t wake to speak to her so here’s our catch-up chat for you all to enjoy.

You’ve been out of the UK since last August, what have you been up to?

“I’ve been organising different aspects of my business, running seminars and workshops about personal development and travelling in Europe.”

When will you be back in London next?

“I’m coming back as a burlesque consultant on a new theatrical production and will be around in London between the 21st and 25th of February.”

What will you be doing in the Burlexe burlesque show?

“I’ll be in the show on Wednesday, 22nd. I’ll be coming back to do my thang, whatever my thang is!!”

How did you get involved in Burlexe?

“A very sweet man called Howard Wilmot was recommended to me by a friend who said, ‘Let this man interview you, he’s lovely.’ When I found out what he was doing with his monologues I said, ‘I want to be a bigger part of it than just my words,’ and he made me the Creative Director of burlesque in Burlexe.”

What are you looking forward to most about Burlexe this time round?

“I’m looking forward to performing in London again. I’m looking forward to the wonderful people who are part of Burlexe. It’s always a treat because they are such a good team. I’m looking forward to what a fabulous audience we get this time round as well.”

What new things are you expecting in your return to the Burlexe burlesque show?

“I know there are some new monologues so I’m looking forward to the new characters. I’ll be an actress this time round rather than a burlesque performer, so I’m adding another string to my bow. Kele Le Roc is new to the show as are some other people, so I’m looking forward to the new burlesque cast, working with them and getting to know them. And of course, the show in itself is always fabulous!!”

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(Main image from London Academy of Burlesque)

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