Jo King on the Best and Worst Burlesque Shows

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Continuing our series, Jo King talks about the best and worst burlesque shows she has ever been a part of. Expect glitz, glamour and giggles.

Best and Worst Burlesque Shows

Jo King is otherwise known as Goodtime Mama Jojo, a British burlesque legend and wonderful burlesque teacher. Needless to say she has seen it all.

Jo King has been teaching burlesque classes for over 35 years but she’s also a fabulous burlesque performer. She’s even been in our theatrical London burlesque shows.

As part of our Jo King burlesque videos we’ve heard tips and and stories, burlesque mistakes and learnt how to glove tease. Of course we’ve enjoyed every minute.

Now the doyenne of British burlesque shares the best and worst burlesque shows that she has starred in. The best are THE BEST and things of showgirl dreams.

There’s the beautiful venues, helpful stage kittens, glitz, glamour and swarovskis a-go-go. Surprisingly, they’re not the most interesting when you hear the other side of the coin.

The worst burlesque shows see actual mud. Mud. There’s a former ballerina wrestling opponent. No shower and even less hot water. We’re shivering just hearing about it.

Yet, it’s obvious that sometimes the bad times make you appreciate the good and make darn good stories to boot. Do you have any burlesque show stories to rival these? We want to hear the good the bad and even the ugly.

Watch Jo King on Learning Burlesque and our 70 second answer to what is burlesque?

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