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Corset cookies

Corsets are being used to decorate everything nowadays but if anyone wants to bring us some of these Corset Cookies we wouldn’t say no because we’d be too busy eating them.

Bustier and Corset Cookies

If you’re lucky enough to live in America you can order iced biscuits by post on Etsy. Seriously, hand decorated biscuits to your door.

The rest of us will just have to grab our own bustier and corset cookie cutter from the likes of Cheap Cookie Cutters and make our own with this Corset Cookies recipe.

These sweet treat, decorated biscuits are perfect for hen parties, girl’s nights in and of course burlesque shows. You can also get as creative as you want to…

Corset Cookies

(Image from Glorious Treats)

(Main image from Etsy)

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