Lada Redstar

Fiery haired beauty, Lada Redstar is an award winning burlesque dancer who has come in from the cold to melt your inhibitions. Let us introduce you to this sultry burlesque performer.

Lada Redstar Burlesque Gifs

Burlesque dancer, Lada Redstar, has been doing the rounds on the international burlesque dancing circuit for five years. Originally from Sarajevo, Bosnia she is currently based in Berlin and has definitely been making a stir.

After seducing the Eastern Bloc she has now come West and Lada Redstar will warm you like a shot of vodka with her curves to kill. This fierce showgirl is out to tease with moves to please.

Anna Fur Laxis has named Lada Redstar as one of her favourite cheesecake burlesque performers. Whilst Lada Redtar took home the World Female Crown at the World Burlesque Games 2012 in London.

Lada Redstar

On the heels of this win Lada Redstar went onto the bright lights of Las Vegas. At the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2013 this flame-haired beauty took home the ‘Best Debut’ title and we can see why.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Berlin, you can keep up to date with her shenanigans and upcoming burlesque shows via Facebook. Definitely, a woman worth seeing.

Otherwise, kick back with her award-winning BHoF burlesque performance and hope she graces a speakeasy near you soon.

Check out Bettsie Bon Bon burlesque gifs.

(Burlesque gifs from K969)

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