Luna Rosa at the Clittorati Party

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Luna Rosa

Burlesque star, Luna Rosa, performed one of our burlesque monologues at the Clittorati Party. The amazing cast was a list of who’s who in London burlesque and cabaret.

Luna Rosa and the Clittorati Party

We are very proud to be part of World Femininity Day this year. Burlesque dancer, Luna Rosa performed our ‘All my imperfections are perfect, all my perfections are exquisite’ monologue from the show.

Our theatrical London Burlesque Shows combine story, song and performance for the herstory of showgirls. We celebrate the women who embraced and showcased their femininity through the art form.

We first met Luna Rosa during our initial auditions process. She said, “Burlesque is about freedom of creative expression of passion, power, anger, happiness, sexuality, femininity and the beauty of the feminine form.” Immediately we were hooked.

Who better to take on the Burlexe burlesque show mantle and celebrate women and femininity in their many forms. Needless to say, she did us proud.

We joined an exciting burlesque and theatrical line-up that included another Burlexe burlesque show star, Rubyyy Jones. Alongside, organiser Lady Cheek aka. Zoe Charles who has since done a TED Talk on femininity.

Not forgetting the many other wonderful cabaret and burlesque performers. There was Ivy Paige, Hotcake Kitty, Mr Mistress and Tricity Vogue amongst others.

he London burlesque event was held at Paper Dress Vintage Shop in support of the Orchid Project. It raised awareness and funds to tackle female genital mutilation. A worthy cause from the cabaret sisterhood.

Highlights of the day can now be seen both over on This Is Cabaret and World Femininity Day on Facebook.


Read our interview, Meet Luna Rosa Burlesque Dancer and watch our quick-fire answer to: what is burlesque?

(Image: This Is Cabaret)

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