Madonna at the Super Bowl – A Feminist Interpretation

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We’ve all been glued to screens awaiting Madonna at the Super Bowl halftime show. Now we’ve finally seen it, we want to share our favourite reaction with you.

Madonna at the Super Bowl – A Feminist Interpretation

Somebody alerted us to The Vine’s interpretation of what has now got to be the most-watched Super Bowl performance, like, ever. Last time we looked it was rocking above 1.5 million views. Now that’s viral.

Quoting from The Vine, the upshot is: she did good because, “The Super Bowl is pretty much THE event in American macho-shithead land; a hugely heterosexual happening where most of the mega-million-dollar ads feature either big cars, beer, women in bikinis, or hamburgers.”

They added, “This is a huge triumph for feminine and queer energy in the universe. The Super Bowl is such an ugly symbol for everything that is brutish and stupid about American/Western masculinism, and this was like an INTERVENTION.”

We forget the macho-ness of something like the Super Bowl because here in the UK, there’s nothing that really competes on that fratboy level.

Madonna, you still got it and we salute you. Like we even stopped.

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Madonna at the Super Bowl

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