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A special ingredient of any male to female makeover should be around movement, deportment and attitude – these are key in helping you build your self-confidence as a woman.

We specialise in male to female makeover services because we are experts in elegant and feminine movement which will help you to build your new persona.

These are the perfect accompaniments to creating your unique style and help you be accepted as the woman you want to be.

Male to female makeover in movement with Burlesque Legend JO KINg

At Burlexe, we have partnered exclusively with Jo King, the only British Burlesque Legend, founder of the London Academy of Burlesque and originator of Kingesis confidence choreography. She is bringing her expert tuition in feminine movement and body confidence to the trans community.

Jo has been teaching for over 40 years and has taught thousands of women including a number of celebrities (including actress Dawn O’Porter, supermodel-turned-actress Agyness Deyn  and international showgirl, Immodesty Blaize amongst many others) how to embrace, enhance and express their femininity.

She will show you the secrets and the practicalities of moving like a woman.

Jo King says, “I love making people’s dreams come true. I want all my students to learn how to love themselves – and I do this through the hallmarks of burlesque; movement, sensuality, glitz, glamour and a lot of laughter.

“So often in my experience, people have never been told that they’re attractive, sexy or worthwhile. I want everyone to feel comfortable and fabulous in their own skin and it starts by helping to build their self-confidence.”

Together with Kohl Kreatives, we are now hosting sample male to female makeover classes online for you to be able to have a taste of how Jo can help you.

Jo also hosts one-to-one online classes that can be tailor made to suit your personal requirements. These are conducted via Skype or Zoom.

The fee is £100 per hour for private training. All classes are given in the strictest confidence.

Male to female online MOVEMENT class

The male to female makeover one-to-one class can include any or all of the following depending on the length of the session and the student’s ability to learn:- 

How to stand, sit and strike a variety of poses.

How and where to position your hands, arms, legs and feet in a feminine way .

The pelvis connection
How to relax and connect to your feminine centre.  

Walking the walk
How to move gracefully and how to walk in heels.

Giving great face
How to make eye contact and create the right facial expressions.

The gentle touch
The finer points of the female caress, for face and body.

Just for fun #1
Feminine movement with a prop.

Just for fun #2
A mini movement routine to build your feminine confidence.

Please note: All classes will start with a short warm-up, using the breath, stretching, and focusing on the feminine.

What you’ll need to bring

– Your fabulous self
– Some clothing that makes you feel good about yourself and that you can move in
– Shoes with a heel of some sort (though we can do this in bare feet if it’s hard for you to find a pair)
– A feather boa or a floaty scarf

You can book an appointment below or feel free to email / email if you have further enquiries.


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