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Medianoche Burlesque

See Medianoche burlesque dancing in our new striptease gifs. This Spanish burlesque performer is an award-winning stripteaser and definitely one to watch. Let us introduce you to this burly-Q beauty.

Medianoche Burlesque Dancer Striptease Gifs

Sultry burlesque dancer, Medianoche, has been a key sensual figure on the New York burlesque scene since 2008. She’s named after a cuban sandwich and we’re sure everyone would like a slice.

Medianoche’s burlesque dancing reflects her name. Her style sees both bump ‘n’ grind and provocative classic Spanish stripper frenzy. Yum!

Born and raised in southern Spain, Medianoche burlesque has strong influences of tango and flamenco in her striptease. She has also been aptly titled “Sin in an Hourglass” and we can see why.

Medianoche Burlesque Medianoche Burlesque

Medianoche competed for Best Debut 2012 at the Burlesque Hall of Fame. This was one of the most competitive years to date.

We were wowed by the competition alongside such burlesque performers as: Banbury Cross, Calamity Chang, Kitty Bang Bang, Mosh and more. Phew!

Last year also saw Medianoche take home the Queen of Burlesque crown from the New Orleans Burlesque Festival. She also kicked off the New York Burlesque Festival where she was awarded a Golden Pastie for her “alluring gaze”.

Not forgetting that she won the Crystal Corset Award at the PA Burlesque Festival. As well as starring on Dita Von Teese’s Strip Strip Horray! line-up.

Medianoche burlesque dancing can be seen every Sunday and Tuesday at  Wasabassco, Bathtub Gin, New York. See her upcoming burlesque shows. If that’s a bit out of your way watch the burlesque performance that won her that coveted crown:

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(Striptease Gifs from K969)

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