Meet Our Burlexe Burlesque Girls 1st June

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Burlesque Girls

The burlesque girls that will be gracing our stage in the Burlexe burlesque show on the 1st June. We have a fantastic line up for you this month.

Burlexe Burlesque Girls

All of our burlesque shows feature Javine Hylton, Goodtime Mama Jojo, Kiki Kaboom, Dympna Messenger and Chloe Ewart but every week, we will feature a cast of very different, very exciting and world class burlesque performers.

The Burlexe burlesque shows are opening with an enviable line-up of talent for 1st June. Check out the lovely burlesque girls who will be gracing our first show of the month.

Dinah Might

Burlesque Girls

We are truly blessed to have the mega Dinah Might burlesque dancing and cameoing in a very cheeky little role. She’s very excited about it too. Blush.

Dinah Might comes to us all the way from North America and dazzles with spectacular performances. Not to mention her opulent burlesque costumes, stunning figure, killer smile and flawless complexion.

She said, “Everybody has a different take on burlesque and that makes for interesting theatre!” For more info, check out her website.

Sachi Loggia

Burlesque Girls

Sachi Latina will be taking to our stage for two very special performances. She’ll be singing and performing striptease.

She says, “Burlesque is the form of art that I’ve chosen to express myself through. It gives me immense joy and is food for my soul.”

Annette Betty

Burlesque Girls

Annette Betty has taken home the Winner of Best UK award at the London Burlesque Festival and Miss Galapagos Burlesque, New York. She regularly performs across America and Europe, stars in film and television and specialises in vintage modelling.

Her icons are old school Hollywood glamour, think Jayne Mansfield and Lili St. Cyr. For more info, check out her website.

Miss Glory Pearl

Burlesque Girls

Miss Glory Pearl has achieved the rare feat (!) of not only burlesque dancing in the Burlexe show but being the subject of one of the monologues as performed by Kiki Kaboom. It will all make sense on the night!

Part clown, part acrobat, part showgirl, Miss Glory Pearl creates genre-defying acts. She believes burlesque means not taking yourself too seriously (or seriously at all).

She said, “It’s about bringing a smile to people’s faces!” For more info, check out her website.

Check out the line up of our first ever London Burlesque Show and watch our quick-fire answer to: what is burlesque?

(Main image from Burlesque Festival)

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