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Can we call Adra Boo a burlesque singer? Hostess, burlesque singer and the frontwoman of soul, hip hop, funk, stank face outfit Fly Moon Royalty, here’s the lowdown on the band making all the right noises Stateside…

Burlexe: What are the high points of the Adra Boo resume to date?

Adra Boo: Opening for big names with Fly Moon Royalty!!

Coming in 2nd place in a strip club contest!! Slow splits FTW!!

Performing in Manhattan with Shine: A Burlesque Musical!!

To name a few… 🙂

Why and how did you get into burlesque?

Shine: A Burlesque Musical (Cass King/Sam Dulmage/John Woods) came to Seattle from Vancouver BC… there’s a character, Lulu Von Doozy,  who kind of just matched a bit of me – full figured, confident and doing the damn thang!

Little did I realize how much it would open my eyes to loving my own body, being able to strip down to the great assets I have, and to becoming a burlesque performer!

Before, I just knew who some of Seattle’s premier performers were, and there I was alongside them, and we even took the show to the NYC Fringe!! Insert falling in love with Brooklyn here!

What does your burlesque life consist of?

I don’t even call myself a burlesque performer, but my burlesque loves would differ, haha! These days, I pepper into shows, either performing a routine or (cabaret) singing and I even get to host sometimes, which is my ABSOLUTE JOY!!

Heroines and heroes – burlesque or otherwise?

OH MANNN!! DIRTY MARTINI!! She is a definite burlesque inspiration – a full figured Goddess who gives you so much to awe over! And outside of burlesque, SHARON JONES!!! That woman is an outstanding performer who gives you LIFE and nothing less than the f*cking BEST SHOW EVER!!!

How does it connect with your ‘musical life’?

It’s all about confidence and power, commanding the audience, telling a story and keeping you engaged till the end!

Fly Moon Royalty

Fly Moon Royalty

Describe Fly Moon Royalty to dumb asses that may have never heard of you? 

For one, OOO, YOU DIDN’T KNOW?? Hahaha!! We make timeless jams- baby-makin’ cuts, music for all your moods and situations. We got soul, hip hop, funk, stank face, and more… get online and find us.

And why should they look you out?

Look us up cuz you know you want something different. And cuz we’re both nice on the eyes. 😉

For further information, please visit the official site at

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