Meet Our Burlexe Burlesque Girls 15th June

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Burlesque Girls

The Burlexe show is opening with an enviable line-up of bawfy burlesque girls for 15th June. We’ve got the very best burlesque talent with these lovelies…

Burlesque Girls

All our burlesque shows in London feature Javine HyltonGoodtime Mama JojoKiki KaboomDympna Messenger and Chloe Ewart. Then every week we feature a cast of very different, very exciting and world class burlesque performers.

Here’s the wonderful burlesque girls we are showcasing this week.

Fancy Chance

Burlesque Girls

Anyone who has seen Fancy Chance will know she’s a power house of creativity. She’s the reigning Alternative Miss World as well as London’s Top Tranny 2010!

Hilarious, glamorous and exuberantly irreverent. The diminutive Fancy Chance is the undisputed comic spectacle of the UK burlesque, variety and vaudeville circuit. She said, “[Burlesque] has been a door to a world of history, amazing people and my creative abilities.”

She’ll be acting and burlesque dancing in our London burlesque show. Until then, follow her antics on Twitter.

Get a glimpse of Fancy Chance in the Burlexe Show.

Bettsie Bon Bon

Burlesque Girls

Bettsie Bon Bon will be one of our four featured burlesque dancers. She has made a name for herself as both a solo burlesque performer and one of The Folly Mixtures. Her troupe also stars another Burlexe burlesque dancer, Liberty Sweet, FYI.

We caught up with Bettsie Bon Bon and just had to find out who her burlesque icons are. She said, “Well obviously Mama JoJo, but also such stars as Tempest Storm for pioneering what we love and giving us the tools to do it today.”

For more information, check out The Folly Mixture’s website.

Monique Wild

Burlesque Girls

The mysterious Monique Wild will be taking to the stage this week with a truly unique performance.

Monique is a model, actress and one third of a hot all-black female rock band called The Cherry Bakewells. Her take on burlesque is simple: “It’s expression!”

Crimson Skye

Burlesque Girls

Crimson Skye has an illustrious career with her brand of gorelesque after starring in Alice Cooper’s Night of Fear Auditions. She’s also featured at SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, The Lowry, Bestival & Camp Bestival, Latitude, Udderbelly on Southbank, Bizarrre Ball, Volupté…. The list goes on…

She said, “Burlesque is a wonderfully open form of entertainment. For the most part, it’s pure entertainment without agenda but works equally well if you want to attach a message to it.

“The most unconscious and obvious message is to love who you are and celebrate the body you have – and that counts for both sexes.”

Follow her on Twitter for even more gorgeous gorelesque.

Check out Crimson Skye’s Burlesque Story and watch our quick-fire answer to: what is burlesque?

(Main image from So Magazines)

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