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Burlesque Girls

The Burlexe burlesque show is opening with an enviable line-up of burlesque girls for 22nd June. Marvel at these lovely ladies who’ll be gracing our stage this week…

Burlesque Girls

All our burlesque shows in London feature Javine Hylton, Goodtime Mama Jojo, Kiki Kaboom, Dympna Messenger and Chloe Ewart. Then every week we feature a cast of very different, very exciting and world class burlesque performers.

Here’s the wonderful burlesque girls we are showcasing this week.

Ginger Blush

Burlesque Girls

Ginger Blush shimmied onto the scene in 2009 bringing with her a torrent of tantalising tease. Just a year later, she was Winner of London Burlesque Week’s Best UK Newcomer.

Ginger Blush’s burlesque icon is Audacity Chutzpah (who we love too!!!) and burlesque to Ginger Blush equals a good time.

For more info, check out her Facebook.

Lil Miss Chievous

Burlesque Girls

For Lil Miss Chievous, burlesque has been in her blood since the age of six when she told her parents she wanted to be Gypsy Rose Lee when she grew up!

She says, “Burlesque to me is the ability of fabulous women (and men) to make me want them and want to be friends with them all at the same time. Sexiness with a hefty dose of belly laughing is hard to beat.”

For more info, check out her Myspace.

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Liberty Sweet

Burlesque Girls

Liberty Sweet is one quarter of The Folly Mixtures (alongside last week’s burlesque star, Bettsie Bon Bon). A solo burlesque dancer and a teacher all rolled into one very fabulous package.

For Liberty Sweet burlesque is, “The best job in the world! Being in a troupe called The Folly Mixtures allows me to create fabulous glittery worlds on stage with my best friends. Even though I’ve inhaled about 100 cans of hairspray over the last six years!”

Get more info with The Folly Mixtures.

Tallulah Tempest

Burlesque Girls

Tallulah Tempest will be taking to the stage for two very different cameos. The first is the début airing of a brand new burlesque monologue with a difference, the second a burlesque performance.

She is a veteran of Goodtime Mama Jojo’s London Acadamy of Burlesque, and as a result knows how to teach and tease. She says, “In burlesque I’ve found my spiritual home, a creative outlet where I can draw on my classical training (as a ballet dancer) without having to limit my personality, opinions or extensive knowledge of imperfections! When I’m performing, I feel like I never want to leave the stage, like I’m home.”

Get more info on her Myspace.

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(Main image from Bliss Tree)

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