Millie Dollar

The stunning international burlesque dancer, Millie Dollar shares with us her burlesque story and success with The Martini Lounge.

Millie Dollar Burlesque

Name: Millie Dollar

Burlesque CV: I’ve spent the last eight years travelling all over the world, meeting amazing performers and making wonderful friends.

I perform burlesque regularly for Voodoo Deluxe in Milan, events in Paris, Hamburg, and visited many more countries. I was lucky enough to be the first English performer invited to perform at Ink N Iron, Long Beach and then did a mini tour of LA working alongside such performers as Scarlett Letter, Renea La Roux, and Lili Von Scthupp.

Since then I’ve grown my own events and had the top international performers working my stage such as Dirty Martini, Kitten Deville, Jo Boobs Weldon and a dear friend Julie Atlas Muz.

How and why did you get into burlesque? I grew up with a passion for the past, watching all the musicals I could find and wearing red lipstick from maybe too young an age. It was something I was always drawn to and I remember practising my striptease moves from rather a young age. Once I found burlesque I never stopped.

Burlesque highlight:  Dancing at the ten year anniversary of Summer Jamboree, I was the only burlesque act booked and danced to a room with 3,000 people crammed into it chanting my name! It helped as I’d only had 4 hours sleep and stayed awake a total of 26 hours!

Who’s your burlesque icon? There are so many icons to choose from, each with their own unique style that I admire.

Catherine D’Lish for her raw sex appeal and amazing costume making ability. Dirty Martini for her wit, charm and onstage presence. Jo Boobs Weldon for her vast knowledge and ability to put these into practise onstage. Julie Atlas Muz for pushing the boundaries and comic timing.

Top burlesque tip for non-burlesquers: A lot of people tell me they would love to be onstage but feel they must lose weight, get in shape etc but although my weight yo-yo’s it is important to feel comfortable in your own skin whatever.

It makes me sad that people have an ideal goal or weight as social norms change what is considered to be the perfect achievement. Curves are sexy. Confidence is sexy. Self belief is sexy, not the images we see in magazines of skeletal women in risqué poses.

What’s happening at The Martini Lounge? The Martini Lounge has grown since I started it back in 2007. We’ve had to increase venue size due to demand and now have our home in the Epstein Theatre in Liverpool.

It re-opened early last year and we were lucky enough to be the first show to grace its stage. We have the best burlesque we can find, amazing variety performances, breath taking feats of skill and tongue in cheek acts that thrill.

I’m so proud to see how my baby has grown and flourished in these few short years and how it has been embraced by the local community.

Why should we go to The Martini Lounge? Every show is completely different, new and exciting. I hand-pick performances I believe the audience would love, variety that will blow their minds. I’ll never forget how much the audience roared during Mat Ricardo’s table cloth act.

It also gives performers a wonderful stage to work on with a loyal supportive audience. Performers regularly comment on how lovely the audience is, how loudly they cheer and how great it made them feel. We really work hard to please them as they deserve it!

What’s next for you? I’ve been working on a lot of new skills, ideas and plans for the future. So many things are in the works even I don’t know what could happen next… It’s an exciting time for me and all I can reveal is watch this space!

Get an up-close look at Millie Dollar burlesque dancing:

Also read some Millie Dollar Burlesque Advice.

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We love to showcase UK burlesque performers and share the stories of these wonderful women who perform burlesque. Millie Dollar is one such woman.

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Millie Dollar

(Image from Millie Dollar)

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