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Coco Lectric

American burlesque dancer, Coco Lectric is one of the most hard working women in the biz. Let us introduce you to this vivacious and curvaceous burlesque performer.

Miss Coco Lectric Burlesque Gifs

Texas burlesque dancer, Coco Lectric, is a prolific performer. She is a classically trained dancer, actor and vocalist.

As an award-winning effeuilleuse, Coco Lectric was crowned Queen of Burlesque 2010 at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival. This lovely lady puts her ample… ahem… skills to good use as the Director of the Austin Academy of Burlesque.

Miss Coco Lectric currently has over 30 active burlesque and vocal acts. In 2013 this even included her tribute to Wild Cherry, burlesque legend of New Orleans.

She was recently voted 10th in 21st Century Burlesque‘s top 50 performers of 2013 and with good reason. For one, the woman never stops working! And just look how well she works it. We’d never want her to stop.

Coco Lectric Coco Lectric Coco Lectric

Coco Lectric is an old hat on the burlesque fest scene. In 2013 she hit New York, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Hawaii and Ohio burlesque festivals. Not to mention, the Texas Burlesque Festival where she co-produces.

She also performed at the Hubba Hubba Revue in San Francisco and Kitten de Ville’s Dixie Evans Week benefit. Moreover, Coco Lectric’s burlesque troupe, The Jigglewatts, went on tour and she produces them too!

She even competed at BHoF for the third time. Phew. Our tassels are tired just thinking about it. Coco Lectric’s dedication to the craft and promoting the genre makes her our kinda gal.

Watch this Coco Lectric video and see her sensational burlesque dancing at BHoF 2013:

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(Burlesque Gifs from K969)

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