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Burlesque Gifs

These cheeky Miss Ellie Mouse burlesque gifs show you her skills as an aerialist and burlesque dancer. Let us introduce you to this salacious Russian burlesque performer.

Miss Ellie Mouse Burlesque Gifs

Burlesque Gifs

The Russian burlesque beauty, Miss Ellie Mouse, is an amazing aerialist. Her signature prop is the aerial hoop. It has even had its own accessories, wrapped in a Tarzan vine.

Ellie Mouse has a classic burlesque style which she has adapted into a daring, wondrous spectacle. Her The Moon act uses the dreamscape crescent that is often used in burlesque dancing and added her aerial skills. After seeing it, you couldn’t imagine the act without her pulse-racing antics.

Miss Ellie Mouse is the reigning Queen of Applause as the winner of the international competition Miss Burlesque 2013. The Saint Petersburg based burlesque dancer wowed with her daredevil moves. Watch the award-winning performance at Miss Burlesque 2013:

She also presents the Burlesque Show Ellie Mouse, taking the headline spot with support from burlesque performer Anais Li and dancer AlexAtra. It promises a night of mesmerising classic burlesque, eroticism and luxurious costumes.

See more amazing pics of Ellie Mouse on her Tumblr and watch her in the Burlesque Show Ellie Mouse promo:

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(Burlesque Gifs from Ellie Mouse)

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