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Kitty Bang Bang Burlesque

See Kitty Bang Bang burlesque performances in our new gifs. This British burlesque performer is a multi-talented stripteaser and definitely one to watch. Let us introduce you to this seductive sex kitten. Meow!

Miss Kitty Bang Bang Burlesque Gifs

British burlesque dancer, Kitty Bang Bang was originally trained in ballet and classical jazz. She draws upon 22 years of performance experience to her salacious burlesque shows.

Alongside being an accomplished choreographer Kitty Bang Bang is also a ground breaking burlesque performer. Alongside starring in international burlesque festivals, she pushed the envelope by featuring in the first Bollywood film to contain burlesque.

Kitty Bang Bang is also known for imbuing adorable glamour and rock ‘n’ roll swagger. Whether she’s breathing flames astride her custom chopper motorcycle or playing up to her kitty moniker.

Kitty Bang Bang Burlesque

More recently, Kitty Bang Bang competed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame. Not to mention her part in hit London burlesque show, Between the Sheets, with creator Miss Polly Rae. The show even featured her friend’s and our’s, Laurie Hagen and Boylexe‘s very own Mr Phil Ingud.

Miss Kitty Bang Bang was also named in the number two spot of top UK burlesque performers 2013 by 21st Century Burlesque. Watch Kitty Bang Bang burlesque dancing and fall in love:

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Burlexe is a sensational London burlesque show inspired by the women who created the genre and perform the art. It fuses burlesque performance with storytelling, dancing with acting.

(Burlesque gifs from K969)

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