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Miss Polly Rae

British burlesque dancer, Miss Polly Rae is known for being the founder of The Hurly Burly Show and her sexy, sassy style. Let us introduce you to this multi-talented burlesque performer.

Miss Polly Rae Burlesque Gifs

Burlesque performer, Miss Polly Rae is best known for creating The Hurly Burly Show. Unfortunately, the London burlesque and cabaret revue has struggled against mixed reviews in the past. Though, since The Hurly Burly London show last year, they became the toast of the town!

The burlesque troupe has now had three West End runs of their show as well as seasons in Australia and South Africa. The cast is currently formed of Stephanie Jayne Thompson, Jennifer White, Katie Ella Hardwicke, Coco DuBois, Sophie Zucchini, Rachel Muldoon and Peggy de Lune. Plus, Miss Polly Rae as the star, of course. They’ve also been joined by director and creative director William Baker, best known for his work with Kylie Minogue and Rihanna.

Needless to say The Hurly Burly Show has grown into a must-see London burlesque revue. It’s got all the wit, pop song parodies and lovely ladies you could want in a burlesque evening.

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Miss Polly Rae Miss Polly Rae Miss Polly Rae

Last July, Miss Polly Rae also made a splash with her new and tantalisingly intimate show, Between the Sheets. She was joined by her friend’s and our’s, Laurie Hagen and Kitty Bang Bang. Not to mention, Boylexe‘s very own Mr Phil Ingud.

The burlesque beauty, Miss Polly Rae is also known for her solo burlesque dancing and burlesque classes. She even taught a master class with our very own Jo King this summer.

This year also saw Miss Polly Rae perform at the very first London Academy of Burlesque Alumni Show. You can catch her currently in residency at the Hippodrome Casino London.

Watch Miss Polly Rae and the Hurly Burly Girlys burlesque dancing:

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