New Gypsy Rose Lee Movie

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Gypsy Rose Lee Movie

Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes is to create a Gypsy Rose Lee movie from the burlesque legend’s infamous memoirs.

New Gypsy Rose Lee Movie

The most exciting news about the feature-length movie is that Barbra Streisand will also be involved. She’s set to take a producer role alongside Joel Silver, according to the BBC.

Burlesque star, Gypsy Rose Lee, wrote her best-selling autobiography in 1956 after she retired from stripping. Her relationship with her mother and her life in the spotlight has long been of interest in entertainment.

The autobiography was initially adapted into Gypsy, a Broadway musical in 1959 and then into a movie starring Natalie Wood in 1962 which was nominated for three Academy Awards.

It’s also subsequently been reinterpreted with Bette Midler in the role of Gypsy Rose Lee’s domineering mother. Watch a clip of the Gypsy Rose Lee movie starring Bette Midler:

There’s also the 1943 film, Lady of Burlesque. The movie is based on Gypsy Rose Lee’s novel, The G-String Murders. Though, in the UK the film was titled, Striptease Lady.

Barbara Stanwyck played the lead role and some entertaining musical numbers as a Broadway showgirl. Unfortunately the film was sanitised somewhat by censorship but it’s still worth a watch.

We cannot wait to see what this latest incarnation will bring but we’re sure it will be stunning, just like Gypsy Rose Lee.

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Gypsy Rose Lee Movie

(Main image from Fine Art America)

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